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Fanta Zero - Doh!

Is coke the only canned fizzy drink we can have? I have to have the diet-caffiene free one - for which I have to be desperate to choose!
I lost all my weight and drank lots of sprite zero and diet seven up. If it helps any
Well I'm 3 weeks in - and although a slow loser -7 so far - but have always not drunk a lot of fluids - so thinking something low cal as possible better than not drinking the minimum 1.5 fluid intake - which even now am not certain I reach every day - but def over 1L a day - big improvement for me - and getting nearer to the 1.5 now.
I had that disappointment with dr pepper zero :-(
You just made me run to the fridge to check my bottle! It's 1.5cals per 250ml. That means only 12cals in a 2ltr bottle. :)
I almost performed a comic spraying of a mouthful of water, when I realised that the flavoured water I'd taken a mouthful of had *45* calories per 250ml serving.

It's WATER for goodness sake!!!!!
Dr Pepper Zero is fine! Don't forbid yourself to have it because it's allowed and it makes a nice change from Coke Zero or Pepsi Max!

The drinks Dukan prohibits are ones containing fruit juice extracts, like Lemonade, Sprite, etc.

After realising my fanta is out of bounds am on the fizzy water tonight.
Had a very bad day for fluid intake - aside from my morning cappuccino which can't count as lot of milk - just had 1 bottle fizzy water and a large mug of tea all day.... Very bad planning on my part. Hopefully just get to just over 1L in next hour.
katt1732 said:
Seriously...11 calories is fine!! Drinking too many calories in liquid is bad but 11 calories is nothing in the grand scheme of things. What diets are you guys following? I had my personal profile done by Healthy Twist and they did all my daily calorie requirement and told me what to eat and drink and it was free which was great! I'm trying out their meal plans too in Norwich only I think) and it looks tasty...it's kinda like Diet Chef but locally made here. I think they do free profiles wherever you are though
Hey there - I'm from Norwich - am following Dukan diet which is somewhat restrictive - but working for me. Never heard of Healthy Twist.

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