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Fanta Zero????

i was just told coke zero was ok xxxxxxxx


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I think it's just the coke and dr pepper zero that are ok really (not allowed but ok). The fanta (and maybe the sprite i think) has citric acid which will knock you straight out of ketosis. If you're sensitive (like my mum who can't even have the bars) then stick to water. I can get away with the coke and dr pepper but others can't.


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Thanks for your advice... i drank it but hasnt effected my ketosis, perhaps it may later in the wk... or i might be lucky?


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i didnt know that you could have coke, or dr pepper! so missing those kinda drinks!
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you not suppose to have anything other than whats in the book!

BUT you can have coke zero and dr pep zero, but no more than a pint a day i think it is?

i would defo say no to the orang type's as they will certainly contain citric acid surly?


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yes it does contain citric acid.... won't be having it again tho lol!

Mrs B

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You can mix the sunshine orange flavouring with sparkling water though -definitely allowed that!


please try again
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love the cd water flavourings!
great if water alone isnt hitting the spot


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Hi all I've never seen any Dr Pepper zero - which supermarket sells it?
Tesco sells it its currently on offer at 2 packs of 6 cans for £4.00
What about juice (I don't know the proper name in english, but Fun light and such) without suger??
nope not allowed
yea and the CD water flavourings you can buy from your CDC and your not officially allowed it but u can have coke ZERO and dr pepper ZERO xx

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