Fantasizing about the possibilities.

Okay, so i know i shouldnt be thinking about how fast i can lose the weight, its a mahusive downfall however, being day 5 the day that i have been told by my friends mum that did the diet is the worst, i want to ensure i have something fun and positive to keep me plodding along. Especially when i have to cook a meal tonight for my close friends, while they sit and drink wine before heading out. point!
What is the most someone has lost within a month......then within 2 months?
Without any picking what can i try to lose....i know everyones different but just to see what others have achieved.

Anyway, again sorry for being presumptious just really interested.

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Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
I'm not sure why day five would have been the hardest for someone unless they took a long time to get into ketosis. Once ketosis hits, until the infamous half way point (week 7) most people do okay.

The average works out one stone a month but remember people who have more weight to lose will lose more. It's proportional.


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Check out my signature hun :) It's well worth sticking to your guns this evening, fighting those food demons and the scales will speak for themselves at your weigh in :) It will be soooooooooooo worth it!!!

Hugs x x x


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Agree with everyone else :)

Also....try not to forward to goal at the moment too much.....pace forward just a couple of weeks at a time...thats what i did/do and look at say this time next month you could be over a stone down.. (fyi - i lost 2 stone in the first 6 weeks)

PLEASE stick to 100% today :) it will be hard...but keep focussing on the weight you are dropping as we speak!

Good luck x


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If we could all go to bed with a picture in our head of how we wanted to be and wake up in the morning as such, life would be so much more easier.

The results on CD are very fast but you're still going to need to wait your month to see the results.

From looking at signatures, the average weight loss is 1-2stone.

People have all mentioned to stick it to 100% religiously if you want those fast effective results.

Stick threw it hun, be worth it in the end. Try and think of a earlier goal... like a nice new pair of jeans in a new size (not your goal size, the size you'll be along the way).


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I have averaged the predicted stone a month since i started, some weeks have been less than i thought, but I try and focus on the overall not the weekly!
Thanks everyone....I know i should think of here and now and i do that most days, however when im having those shaky moments i wanted to visualise a weight in my head, a number, that im aiming for. I have it now, and though its a little optimistic it is helping me.

Todays been my worst day so far, in that ive felt drained (im on day 6) but im guessing you have low days every now and again? Im glad i entered the year on a good note.

NOTHING on earth could convince me to cheat, even a little until i reach my goal- nothing. And I am more worried about once ive lost the weight, putting it back on than anything laura croft. I know eventually the weight will go, just dont want it back ever. xxx


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When you're finished your weight loss. The best line is to remember - Everything in moderation. Currently, those things I should have in moderation (cakes or take aways) I have daily.

Even on christmas day I had my turkey etc and had a chinese in the evening.

Suprisingly enough I didn't put any weight on over christmas as I'm TOTM and I always put on 7-9lbs on that.

I'm really looking forward to losing the weight and buying myself a healthy eating recipe book. It'll also benefit my children too.
Lol....mines more eating the wrong things...i dont eat lots but what i eat is rubbish! Sandwiches and pork pies.....crisps chocolate. I need to completely re educate my tastebuds which is what i am hoping to do eventually with the steps back up. Nearly through a week though and feeling better today that yesterday.....but still hungry haha the first 5 days i was fine. Ho hum.

Still aiming for that high number! xx


Still fighting
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Hi skinnyminny

Just calling by to see how your doing? Was day 5 the worst do you think?


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Skinnyminny- I re-educated by having a few sessions of hypnotherapy before doing cd, it dont work for all, but i feel that helped me get thru christmas , without excessively under-indulging, even thru i still have cake, pud , cream and potatos, but within a moderation level, I been taking the scenic route on plan since my first month of a great loss of 22lb. You will hit your desired goal in no time.


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I lost 4 stone from 21st September to 21st December hon so 3 months still 9lb to go but i am on a higher plan for this now.

Muchas Lovas and don't let the greeneyed monster try put you off cos thats all they are.

Hello everyone!

Everyone has done so so impressed. It has given me even more determination.

Day 5 was nothing as bad as i thought, i am somehow finding it ok! In fact i love everything about it, apart from the taste in my mouth lol, no amount of water nor brushing is helping but i am enjoying thinking of nothing but food (what a piggy i sound but true)

I will admit, i was hoping for 1.5-2 in 6 weeks- a big ask! But i really want it....

I have not even thought of wavering yet, i am so utterly set on this!



Still fighting
S: 14st8.5lb C: 14st3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30.3 Loss: 0st5.5lb(2.69%)

You sound like you have true gritt for determination hun :D You go for it!

Looking at other peoples losses on VCLD's your goal could be achievable if your body allows it - as each persons losses are slightly different!

The bad breath is something I would hate if I chose to give CD a go - what do people use to combat it? Is it safe to use mouthwash and sprays do you know?

T x


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Hi Hon, Just a tip i found when i didn't drink much water i lost less so don't let the water intake drop off keep glugging.

I am sure you will drop off a good amount in 6 weeks just stick to your guns and keep that determination level high and you will succeed.

Muchas Lovas



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I certainly find that that the water helps to flush away that fat!!!



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I used to use sugar free breath sprays from Tesco, they didn't affect my weight loss and were easy to use x


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I started at 14.12 and dropped to 11 stone (55lbs) in 14 weeks.
I lost 11lbs week 1, 6lbs week 2, then mostly 3's and 4's the other weeks, I did have a 1lb week and a 2lb week tho.

I am restarting after putting on 26lbs in 3 months (didn't do maintenance properly, which is the key to keeping it off) !!!!

So make yourself some mini goals like half a stone, stone, dress size, next BMI bracket and this will give you hope that you can make it by crossing these off in your sig !
Morning all!

One hopes you are well.....and not starving, like I lol. I have for some odd reason woken up ravenous. Do not despair (yes im sure you were- not ha) I am by no means going to eat but my tummy is growling....i usually wait until earliest 10.30 for my first shake or i tend not to last the day but this 3 hour stretch is going to stretch eh!

Thanks everyone for the advice, as for the water yesterday was the first day I drank under 4l....i reckon i only had 2 tops and my god did i notice. Not only did i have my standard monkeys arse taste but also that parched taste....i have learnt my lesson and will glugg like a trooper today.

Im on day 11, thus the lure of bars is filling me with great anticipation lol. I got on the scales, but they are the wii ones so i think i am going to choose to ignore them and in 6 days they say ive lost one pound. Now, had i been cheating even one iota I wouldnt be too sad to see this, didnt fill me with great joy! As i said though, Im not going to trust it lol.

How is everyone getting on?

And trash, i have started using retardex breath spray, it helps for about 5 minutes after the spray....what diet are you doing/ planning on doing?

Charlie, I wouldnt feel bad, i lost a stone and a half on atkins in about 5/6 weeks before, it was back on and some more within the same time....we have learnt our lessons now and once its gone, its gone for good (thats the hope!) I tried to make some mini challenges but, i have no idea how to use the site. It says they are too long for my signature but everyone seems to have them!? I dont even know how to thank people, so its probably me doing something wrong im sure!