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FAO All IRISH people


Getting married July 2011

On the refeed thread Bindi mentioned that we're getting ripped off on the cost of Maintenance packs here in Ireland.

I can't stand getting ripped off cos I'm Irish, so I went to the LT website to figure out are we. If you order from them directly it works out at €23.10 for an Irish person and €20 for an British person, which isn't unreasonable considering transport to Ireland, and if you buy 4 units it works out at €92.4 for an Irish person and only €61 for a British person (the huge difference is because British people only get charge P&P at a standard rate of £4.95 per order, and our P&P is included in the cost of each unit). It's absolutely ridiculous.
The pharmacys seem to be selling it for pretty much the same price as you can get it off LT direct(€3.30).

Please please please, if it's the only thing you do today, send an e-mail to both the Howard Foundation, and the Irish distributors. This is the link to the contact details.

Lipotrim - Contact Us

Even just one line
"Could you please explain the discrepancy between what Irish consumers are paying for a Maintenance unit and what British consumers are paying".

Please e-mail them!!!!

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Getting married July 2011

I worked out that they're actually over charging us by €1000 per year. I have decided that I'm having a years supply sent to my friends house (Cardiff) and am taking the ferry over and collecting by car, that's if I use the Maintenance products at all.

Here is a copy of the e-mail I sent, feel free to copy, paste n send it!

"Dear Sir/Madam,

Could you please explain the discrepancy between what Irish consumers are paying for a Maintenance unit and what British consumers are paying?
I worked out that for 1 unit Irish consumers are paying €23.10 and British consumers are paying €20, which is reasonable because of the cost of transport etc, but for 4 untis Irish consumers are paying €92.40, and British are paying €61. It is an absolute joke to have a 10 fold increase in the price difference on 4 units.
I also took the liberty of working out that on 2 Maintenance a day, for a year (following your guidelines) Irish consumers are paying €2400 aprox and if British bulk bought a years supply in one go (and there's nothing to say they can't on the order form), they would only have to pay €1450 aprox. You are overcharging Irish consumers by almost €1000 per year!!!!

I hope you will take steps to rectify this horrendous situation,

Yours sincerely

Guenevere Magrath
good luck kidda!


Says it as it is!!!
Good email....i reckon LT will read it, then file it in the special grey metal filling cabinet under the desk and reap the profits!
Seriously tho ...good luck!


Getting married July 2011
I know, I know, I just get so mad, writing letters helps me not rant about it to friends and family for a week. The other thing that sends me over the edge is cars running pedestrian lights ( I was hit once crossing at a green man), I've had to be restrained once or twice when I tried to attack cars. I'm normally very placid, if someone hits me or gives me abuse I'll walk away, but when a car goes past a green man I just freak out.
You wouldnt want to do that to the green man I know, oh no, you wouldnt like him when he's angry!!


Getting married July 2011
I pay €65 euro, which is the same as £52!!!! Oh great, now I'm worked up again!!!!

LT didn't reply to my e-mail yet, and they got about six of them off people!

Hi guen I live in clare and pay €68 per week for tfr I am emailing lipotrim hq right now. How flippin typical but I have 2 say we are being ripped off right left and centre over here.I got my daughter a juicy couture bangle as a stocking filler at xmas it was €55 and had a dollar sticker on back $20 or about €15. how crap is that. Also spend €45 on a pair of crocs shoes last week my friend got the same pair 2 months ago in new york..$12...nice huh!!!!


Getting married July 2011
I know, it's feckin' awful!!!! Most of the time I can understand kinda, what with higher cost of living here, there needs to be a greater profit...and I'm a dental student, and dentists are always in the firing line over this...but we have to pay nurses, technicians, property prices at irish rates not northern irish rates....anyway. It outrages me that the LT hq can't do the same deal for irish people with just increased postage!!!!

I'm trying to figue out if my friend will allow me to get a years supply of Maintenance bars delivered to his home, it would save me €1000 tho!!!

Thats a great idea listen I know only 2 well boout moaners as well I have a childcare and montessori facility and people moan non stop bout the price of childcare but by the time I've paid staff, food,bins, heating, insurance ,materials etc I'm left with very little.. but product wise its a rip off and it does my head in.. but anyway I just sent my email to lipotrim so hopefully see whay happens but someting tell me they will say its irish pharmacies marking up the price to get their cut!!


Getting married July 2011
Yeah, but we know it's not true!! Because you can get Maintenance products in the pharmacy for the exact same as off LT direct! I reckon it's a combination of LT HQ subsidise the UK by increasing the prices in Ireland, and I'd say the Irish distributors have a substantial mark up too. Regardless, it's the HQ's responsibility!!!
Def I agree, its pants. I'll round up the troops I have 3 friends on lipo I'll get them on it too.. you never know. Oh just realised I hang out with a group of large ladies hhhmmm.weird.


Getting married July 2011
Great! LT have now recieved 5 e-mails, 8 if you can get your friends. Only 992 to go!!!!

Feck our tiny population and relative insignificance!



Getting married July 2011
Got a reply from LT, and it's a standard response as predicted.

Dera Laura,

Thank you for your enquiry.

The price difference reflects the cost of shipping, storage, distribution etc.. The Lipotrim Pharmacies listed on the following link Lipotrim - Participating Pharmacies will be able to sell Maintenance products singly or in larger quantities which are more convenient.

Mail order in Ireland was only set up to facilitate patients who could not attend a trained pharmacy easily within a reasonable travel distance.

We do not encourage sales of Maintenance via mail order, we would prefer you to buy the products through Lipotrim trained Pharmacies. Lipotrim pharmacies will give you free samples of Maintenance and you can receive weight management advice and will be offered a free weigh-in and weight record service.

On-going supervision and weight management from the Pharmacy is the best way to manage your weight in the long term.

Best regards
Lipotrim Ireland

Still haven't heard back from HQ. People have got nasty letters from LT HQ in the past. Really unprofessional! The one I saw started "And you're writing to us because....???"
This is turning into a LT bashing session. I love LT, best diet ever. I really just feel the Irish consumers are being ripped off.



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