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FAO any Dukaners across the pond!

Need some advice from our friends in the USA. I'm off to Florida at the weekend and currently on conso, due to start stabilisation in the next couple of weeks. I plan on making my oatbran gallettes while we're out there and was wondering if oatbran is readily available in the supermarkets and what brand to look out for. I would rather buy it there than take some with me, don't want to risk upsetting the immigration officer:eek:

Also what kind of dairy do you use to make your galettes?
Over here I think quark is the dairy of choice but don't think it exists in the US.

Any help appreciated:D
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I'm not across the pond, but maybe you could try and look on walmart online to see what they stock, might give you chance to research any new brands? Have a lovely holiday xx
Not across the pond, but my best friend is, and swears by total zero yogurt, so I know that is available, and I also know it works well in gallettes, as that is what I normally use.
I just came back from Canada and they have quite a good variaty of 0% fat free yoghurts including the Greek ones.
Go to their health stores and supermarkets ( they have special ones besides the regular chains ) you will find there for sure Oat bran.
While I was in Canada I was looking at some dukan sites and Americans substitute the quark in their recipes with the fat free Greek yoghurts.

I went to a regular supermarket in Toronto and they had quark ( creme fraiche ) with 0.5 fat so I bought it.
I am sure that they will have for sure the fat free Greek Yoghurts, and Organic Oat bran in FL. You should have no problem with those.


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You will not find oat bran at Wal Mart - I keep asking :) Most organic markets also known as health food stores, co-ops, etc) have it in the bulk food sections, inexpensive and good quality. Some of the large chain Supermarkets will have it in either the cereal aisle or the organic foods aisle - a bit more pricey there, but it comes in a box or a canister and is much easier to transport. They are a bit more coarse than the ones I get at the co-op and I prefer the finer milling. Lots and lots of 0% greek yogurt, 0% cream cheese, 0% cottage cheese - but no quark. Our Dukan book lists fat-free ricotta as a cheese option. I make my gallettes with either sour cream or yogurt. Sour cream produces more of a crepe while yogurt rises a bit. I've got pages from my Dukan book posted in the picture gallery so you can compare the foods that are available over here :)
Thanks for the replies. A bit worried I won't be able to find oatbran so I may just take it with me, can't imagine starting the day without it after 6 months of having it for breakfast everyday. It's good to know there is plenty of fat free dairy to choose from:)

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