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S: 16st4.5lb C: 15st12lb G: 15st4.5lb BMI: 40.6 Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.84%)
Hi there all of you and Happy New year!

I am writing to ask your personal opinion on my situation:eek:

I did CD very successfully in 2006,but didnt really find much support in my CDC, and she didnt respond when I contacted her again after my hols, so I then carried on with my journey late 2006 with a new CDC.

I then gained loads and re started again in Jan 2007 to loose weight for our wedding. I lost 3 stone for the March wedding, but over the past yr I have regained the weight(and some!) and have tried to re start properly again with my CDC probably about 4 /5times, lasting a few weeks maybe a month and then I have given up again!
I have about 2weeks of packs left and intend to start again in the next few days/week, but obviously I will need to go back to CDC for more packs eventually.

My question is, If as a CDC you have a constant restarter, like me, would you be getting miffed off with her messing you about, or would you be pleased that she keeps trying to loose weight and get a success again with CD.
I feel embarassed about contacting CDC and re starting yet again!!!!!

opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance lou X
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loulou X you ok hun

i thought we had discussed this ;) i personally think any normal cdc will be glad to help you however many times you go to them... well i would if was your cdc anyway :D
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Hiya Lou

I don't think that any worthwhile CDC would be "miffed" at a Restarter. We all have clients whose journeys get interrupted for one reason or another. I have just had a client of mine reach goal after 2 years! Now she only ever had 4 stone to lose and could have done it well within 6 months but she kept getting interrupted but she was determined and kept coming back and together we kept at it and she hit her goal just before Christmas and is also maintaining and learning about staying slim.

So, don't you give up on what you want...just keep on going for it! :)


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I am a CDC and have 3 clients that restart with me time and time again. I don't mind. When they phone me and say "Maggie! guess who can I come back please". I say of course you can I will then spend a lot of time with them......................

Don't feel emabarrassed about contacting your CDc they will be pleased to hear from you.
Hey NooNoo, I'm sure your CDC would be happy to hear from you, why not explain your feeling about the restarts and you might find she could offer you further support. Sometimes the CDCs aren't aware some people need a bit extra support. My first CDC seemed ok, but was dead against blips on CD and never encouraged 790 even when I said I was struggling which led to me falling off the wagon numerous times, but she was always happy to hear from me whenever I got back in touch. Without trying to be too cynical, this is a business to them.


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I am happy to help anyone who wants to lose weight. I know as well as anyone else the interruptions that can occur, and my motto has always been you are not a failure until you give up! So no, I wouldn't be miffed - in fact I would be pleased to see them come back because I love seeing a journey through from start to finish :cool:
S: 16st4.5lb C: 15st12lb G: 15st4.5lb BMI: 40.6 Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.84%)
Thanks all of you!:)

Just I feel like a real failure going back again and again, but I guess I would be a real failure if I gave up completly!
I will go and email her now!!!!

Thanks for the support.

Lou, I know we discussed it personally hon, but I just needed a cdc opinion! No offence intended, just we have only seen it from this side and not the other!!LOL;)

Right off to email CDC......

Thanks again Lou XXX


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I am sure your CDC will be delighted to hear from you. DOnt forget CDC's have done the diet themselves so have struggled with their own weight in one way or another.

Also they are making a living from CD so I cant see any reason why they wouldnt welcome you back with open arms.

Hope you are brave enough to make the call. You know the diet works xx

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