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FAO everyone on their 4th day!

Just wanted to know how it is going with you? I am feeling more hungry today and nearlly contemplate cheating this morining by eating some M & S crisps. But I didn't, just thought about my WI on Monday.

So how is it going? Do find it harder or easier by today? I am defo more hungry today than the last 3 days!:(
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Hi :)

Not on my 4th day but have been before. Just hang in there as day 3-4 can be the most challenging for some people as ketosis will be just around the corner :D

Best wishes,

Lacey :)
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Hey hun! The way you feel is completely normal. Im in my 15th week but I remember exactly how I felt. Esp the 1st time I tried CD and failed after 5 days. Its your body adapting into ketosis but also your body is craving sugars, starchy carbs etc. It will pass hun, keep sipping the water, I know its warm today but I find black coffee really helps when Im feeling hungry. Keep going and let us know how you your weigh in goes on Monday xx
Thanks so much for your kind support. I just had the porridge and it was yuk! I could not finish it. Will this effect my loss?

I think I'll just stick to the shakes. I really miss my food, but I hope for a good result on Monday will spur me on.
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Hello - fellow 4 day buddy here.
I am feeling fantastic today, like a different person!
Did you drop your carbs in preparation for CD? I ask because for 2 days before I dropped to about 20g of carbs, and drank loads of water.
Day 1 - hunger
Day 2 - Headaches
Day 3 - Weak, irritable and feeling icky.
Now I have woken up today and feel fab. Some hit this on day 5, so hang tough mate, get through tonight and into tomorrow. My weigh in is Tues evening.


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I am in my 10th (i think) week. It really does pass just keep siping the water and have the shakes. cheating will just set you back and you will regret it.


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Just wanted to say hang in there hon.
All your feelings are normal.. Day 3 for me was the worst.. and I just drank lots of water took some neurofen and kept myself busy.
It does get easier I promise you.. I am on week 16 and Im loving it...
Stick with it, it is so worth it.. x

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