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You probably don't remember replying to my thread on the LL board back in January, but I posted asking how many people are successful on VLCDs and whether it was worth a go.

Since then, I have lost over 4 stone, initially through LL and then on CD. I have approx half a stone left to lose and am planning on introducing AAM week in two weeks (after approx 125 days of abstinence.

Firstly, I wanted to say thank you for your helpful reply that really spurred me on to lose weight and your honesty.

Secondly, I wanted some advice and 'see' that you are a a bit of a legend on these boards so thought you would be the right person to ask. Without revealing too much information, things have really changed for me since losing weight and, more importantly, not altering the way I feel about things with food and drink. I have cancelled my wedding (set for 10 weeks time), split with my partner of 7 years and we now have to sell the house. Although this was all my decision, it is still truly horrific and like nothing I have ever been through before. With regards to food I am glad that I shall be introducing food at a time like this as I know I shall have no desire to eat or overeat (I know stress makes me not eat). But, to be honest, I am desperate for an alcoholic drink. I just want something to make me feel different to how I do now (which is truly awful). Maybe this will be adding to the issues that made me overweight in the first place, I don't know. I think, what I am trying to ask in a very convoluted way is, can I have any alcohol before I am supposed to in about week 4 (can't remember exactly when). I am not going to have loads, I just really want a g and t.

Thanks for 'listening', sorry for the waffle!!

Maxie xxx
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Hi Maxie
Seen that mike hasn't been able to reply yet ... so thought I'd reply.

Firstly well done on losing 4stone - it is a big achievement and I know as i did 4stone on LL/CD in 2005 in 4months.

I'm sorry to hear about all your personal problems and breaking up with your fiance. Again i know where you are coming from as after losing my 4stone I split with my then partner.

I'm sorry to say that having alcohol on SS is really bad for you - firstly because it will turn to glycogen and take you out of ketosis - therefore making you feel hungry and more likely to binge. And secondly because you will feel worse drinking alcohol and being on SS - it can be dangerous as you are not eating food that soaks the alcohol up and it has a more profound effect on your body. I would strongly suggest you didn't.

I really hope you soon start to feel better and if you want to talk feel free to PM me. Take care xxx


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Thanks for the reply. I guess I'm just looking for anything that changes the way I feel right now. I don't want to start smoking again but it's so tempting!!

Maxie xxx
Hi again Maxie
I don't think alcohol or smoking will make you feel better long term - it is a trite saying but time is a great healer. All I can suggest is you come on here - read, post, maybe start a diary. Or what about doing something you've always wanted to do but couldn't before???

(((HUGS))) to you as I know the pain is awful - and hoping it soon passes and you feel better. Take care.


The Diet Guy
Hiya Maxie

Well done on losing the weight!! You have done brill

E-mail me at [email protected] and we'll have a chat.


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