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Hi Marie,

Thanks so much for the tip.. I have just tried to email you back but they don't have your email on file so I'm hoping you will see this message for you!

I was actually quite lucky anyway with WW as I have previously been an online customer they waivered the registration fee anyway, so am only paying £9.95 per month too.. thanks so much for letting me know anyway!

I am really enjoying WW - how about you? I feel in control and very happy to be eating such good healthy food. How about you how are you getting on?

Sarah x
Well I've decided to have my weigh-in day as Friday, simply because that's how my online thing is set and I can't work out how to change it haha! Anyway I was faffing around a bit until today so am happy to wait another whole week before weighing.

I am not expecting much, in fact I will probably put a few lbs on especially in this first week. But the main thing is that I know I am eating healthily and propery and not having the falseness of the Cambridge packs. I was very eager to eat tons of fruit and veg and that's exactly what I'm doing - I had forgotton how delicious they are!!!!!!

Well done on your 5lbs loss - brilliant!
hehe there're actually not that bad - I know suprising isn't it! I am sort of combining CD with WW which works well as the packs are quite filling and stuffed full of nutrients - plus at only 2 points each even better :D

So for brekky I've had a CD hot chocolate with coffee in (got to have my morning coffee!) which should keep me filled up till lunchtime now.. I've got some 0 point soup for lunch - absolutely delicious even my small children adore it! (actually it's got lentils in so probably 1 or 2 points maximum for that).. then a big chicken salad or something for dinner yommy yommy yom!!

What sort of meals do you have?
well as you say the beauty of ww is that you can basically eat the same food as you have always done but the lower points version.. so last night we had sweet & sour chicken stir fry (with tons of veg) i didn't have any rice and used healthy option sweet & sour.. it was yummy, so nice also to be able to join in with family mealtimes, i have a hubby and 2 small children and i think it's good to be eating together.

i made some very low point soup yesterday and have had that for lunch today - delicious! the kids and hubby love it too - i just add some grated cheese on top for them but i love it without anyway.

obviously smaller portion sizes are a major issue here too.. i am feeling very full though even though i am eating nothing like i used to.. although i suppose i'm used to having 6 points a day on cambridge haha!