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fao Natpot..


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S: 15st2lb C: 13st10lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 1st6lb(9.43%)
Hi Lizi, would love to be buddies. Let me know how your meeting goes? How exciting!


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S: 15st2lb C: 13st10lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 1st6lb(9.43%)
OOOH exciting:D . Meeting my CDC at 10am. Let me know how your first day goes.:)
Hiya, will do, just had my first one for brekkie, had chocolate, it was ok... trying to drink the gallons of water ha ha feel like a fish..lol good luck today, is it harder 2nd time round?, hope not !


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S: 15st2lb C: 13st10lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 1st6lb(9.43%)
Hi, got all my stuff, just having my first - hot toffee & walnut shake. Managed my first litre so only 2 more to go:) Hope it's not harder 2nd time:eek:
Back again.. well Ive done a day now, must admit Im finding it very boring not having a choice of drink other than water, Im a fussy moo at the best of times but hey Ill get used to it, Im not finding the hunger too bad just the time on my hands while not eating or preparing food / or normally thinking about what Im going to cook/eat that night and then to top it off the bloomin internet wouldnt work at home so was bored silly which very nearly sent me over the edge....ha ha, but still excited and wanting to carry on.

How you feeling, so have you found it harder 2nd time round? I hope not...

Lizi x


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S: 15st2lb C: 13st10lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 1st6lb(9.43%)
Hey Lizi, Feeling really good today, yesterday had a spell of envying my familys pizza but hey-ho, my choice and all that!

Have you tried the water flavours? I haven't opened my CD one yet but the LL one was really nice and just helped break the monotony of so many plain litres:) . Also the savoury drink is OK as is black tea/coffee. My Weight Care with Cambridge booklet seems to suggest that tea/coffee could
be counted in.

Not finding it too hard this time but heck it's only day 2 so who knows how I'll feel:eek: but lets be positive and say it'll be great:D .

Had frozen choc tetra for breakfast, made a nice change, prob do it in evening next time tho as feeling chilly today!

Have a great day:)
Hi Nat,

My cdc said I cant have the flavours until next week..:( Im doing ok I think just trying to drink water water and more water.. oh and peeing for england ha ha... luckily my o/h is on sw so its not too bad just watching him have his jacket spud I can live with that, Im too inpatient for diets like that, I wanted something I cant cheat with atall that totally dictates what I have to have... lazy or what..:eek: hope fully it will all be worth it when I weigh in on Tuesday, sounds like your a pro at it with your frozen chocolate etc, how long were you on before? did you put much back on then or are you just restarting to get more off?

Off to blend my strawberry for tea..yum yum..

Take care,

Lizi x


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S: 15st2lb C: 13st10lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 1st6lb(9.43%)
Hi Lizi, def not a pro at this, just got experience at failing*lol*. Frozen tetra was an idea I got on here and it's surprisingly good, felt quite substantial. The advice about water flavours/bars etc seems to differ between cdcs doesn't it?

Glad you're finding it ok with OH eating. I've got 3 kids and hubby who can't cook at all so still have to prepare all family meals. Did a roast for them and my sis & her family tonight which was fine - I just went upstairs and painted my nails while they ate:D

Know exactly what you mean about water - if I pee any more at work I think they'll start charging me for loo roll!!

I did LL earlier this year for between 6-7 weeks and lost 1 and a half stone. I was ill and had to come off plan. Then started CD a few weeks back but wasn't properly well and again came off (although I wish that time I had stayed on:mad: ). After LL I kept off the weight I had lost for a month and then went on hol and regained it all. SO, this time is the last time I will do this diet and am planning on sticking with it to the end. Is this your first VLCD?

How are you feeling today, have you enjoyed the packs you've tried so far? Have a nice evening and speak to you on day 3!!!
Hi Again Nat,

crikey poor you having to cook for everyone, it must be hard I dont know that I could resist as well as you do, yes its my first time on a diet of this sort, just had my last one for the day as o/h doesnt get home from work till 8ish so try and have it with him, ive had chocmint,strawberry,banana and choc so far and like them all, I tend to have a mouthfull of shake and then water to wash it down which seems to help, tried the chicken & mush soup last night but couldnt even do a couple of mouthfulls so had to throw it & have a different one, it was really chalky but then im not good with cuppa soup type things generally.

Im not sure how long Ill be able to stick it out for, hopefully the good losses will inspire me to keep going, I only want to lose a couple of stone max (although I do really need to lose more) but ive ordered my wedding dress (getting wed in april) and a couple of stone will need fair alteration and dont want to risk ruining it by doing too much.

Ill be happy with even a stone as ive never been tiny and would never want to be if im honest, im very lucky that i carry my weight evenly so I dont actually look that bad even though Im 5'2" and 14st 8lbs at the moment, will be very happy to get to low 13's if I can, Im going to try for at least a couple of weeks hopefully a month on s/s as I know I will get bored and frustrated, then maybe do 2 packs with a dinner at night so at least you have something to look forward to and keep you going but Ill see how long I can do, at the moment im trying to be positive. Last sept I was 15st10lbs and have farted about with ww & sw but soon got bored with both as Im not a lover of salad or veg, can do it in moderation but not everyday although I need mainly to cut the fizzy and chocolate out to be honest then would probably be ok, but I can see a massive difference from that weight to what I am now, so like I say even another stone I know would make another big difference to the way I look, so fingers crossed any loss is a bonus eh...

Good luck with getting through our next day, we can do this!!

Take care, Lizi x


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S: 15st2lb C: 13st10lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 1st6lb(9.43%)
Hi again Lizi,
The cooking thing isn't too much of an issue TBH, I find it a bit harder watching others eat but then you have that too.

The shakes are good aren't they? I tried forest fruits yesterday for 1st time and not sure if I liked that but I think I've tried all the others. Have you tried the tetras? I froze a banana one last night for supper & it was good - just a different texture and quite creamy. Preferred the choc though.

You can stick this out. I think your plan for 2 stone is a good one and then you can decide when you get there if you want to go further. Have you ordered your dress in a much smaller size?

I don't know about you but I've not been a 'healthy' weight in all my adult life, so don't really know what I want goal to be. I'm 5'3'' and weigh 14st5lbs, at least I was on tues, like you can't wait to get wk1 results!

2 stone is only 2 months on SS and then it's christmas.
You've done well to lose over a stone already and maintain that and I bet that took longer doing a conventional diet. I reckon once you get into week 2 you probabaly won't consider changing diet until you reach your goal (not that there would be anything wrong with that of course!!!)
The one thing my past experience has taught me is it does become second nature and you do stop obsessing about food and also about the packs - you just do them and then get on with life.

Completely with you on the sw/ww thing. Even helped out at ww for 18 months and managed to lose, gain and relose the same 1.5 stone too many times. I couldn't resist the chococlate either and for me it was wine rather than fizzy (although we manage quite a lot of that too). When I thought about going to a slimming club this time I knew I wouldn't stick to it long enough to get decent results. So complete abstinance is the way forward.

We could be in for a tricky few days - days 3-5 when ketosis kicks in. Just remember you will feel great in another few days time:) and you WILL have lost that stone in a months time - hooray!!!!!

Have great day.
(sorry, bit of a babbler, can you tell?)
Ha ha I think its quite obvious were both babblers..lol, I havent ordered my dress any smaller as the shops dont advise you do that and to be honest I didnt want the pressure of worrying about having to get results, but I can have it altered up to 2 sizes so its not a problem.

I didnt get any of the tetra packs will do next week I think as you make them sound yummy when there frozen so worth a try, like you never been a healthy weight for height, have always been sort of 10 and a half stone at lightest going to my largest last year at 15st 10, Its not even that Im dead unhappy like it just that I had having all the fat ripples round my belly..haha,

Anyway another day, just got to work, have a good one speak soon,

Lizi x

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