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FAO of flapjack eaters

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Hi guys, some advice please this week i have started having a flapjack instead of my morning shake (3days) and quite enjoy them,however wether its a coincidence or not today I have suffered from chronic and i mean chronic wind (to the point that i have had to leave the room on several occasions)with griping stomach pains could this be the flapjacks or simply the fact that i have solid food in my stomach and will it settle down any advice / help will be gratefully appreciated

thanks to you all

xx sharron
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cant help you there cos i cant stand the bloody things lol

but sounds like your theory could be correct


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Im sorry I dont know :(

hope it gets better soon :)
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Hmm.. it could be the fjacks. The one and only time I had a corner of one.. I vomitted for 2 days till it all went out of my system. theyre horrid


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Hi there Fragglerock.
I'm having a flapjack every few days now, and have suffered (or husband has!! :eek:) from an excess of gas/wind.
It's very unsociable, but I'm enjoying chewing again, so am carrying on :hide:
I did try them in the Summer, and the windy effect wore off after a while, so see how it goes. xx
Hi, I eat the flapjacks 3-4 times a week and I cant say that I have suffered any more wind than I usually have just on the shakes. If anything though, they have helped me, because since I have been on lipotrim I am having bad constipation and I end up having to take senokot. I have noticed though that since I am eating the flapjacks I am going for a no2 more regular and no need for senokot.

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OMG that seems another good reason to avoid the flapjacks. XX
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cheers guys it seems to have settled a bit today, but I really enjoy the flapjack and I know some of you will think i'm raving bonkers but its amazing how your taste buds change so fr those of you who do not partake in them at the moment all I can say is try them again a few weeks down the line

Once again brilliant advice/support from fantastic people

xx Sharron
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I also have three a week.. i find I get alot of burping wind after them as opposed to the other end... x

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