FAO Sparkle

Hi CC. Not doing too good at the minute - I was okay after that meal out on Friday, but Saturday went to pot.

It's really stressful at work at the moment, I've been close to tears - if not in tears - in secret over the past week... There's a lot going on. I will post more tomorrow, am going to bed now, but thank you so much for the thread, it means a lot.
Hi Sparkle,

I hope you have a getter day at work tomorrow.

Love Mini xxx
Sparkle, awwww hun i am so sorry that things aren't going great for you at the mo, remember we are all here for you so when your ready to start posting again.

Lots of Love Busy XX
Aww thanks girls, I really appreciate it. Not done too bad today. Have felt like bingeing, but each time have been stopped (usually by someone turning up, so I'm not actually able to discreetly do it... which is a good thing! lol).

We're all going out for a meal after work tomorrow... and then I'm going out again on Sunday for another meal (mums birthday). So I don't think I'm going to be back on the plan until Monday - yes I know, another cop out. But at least I have the next few days to really get my head into gear about being 100% on the plan!

I'm still popping in here everyday to make sure everyone's okay... and I'll be posting normally again on Monday with my menu plan for the day! :)

Thanks again girls - you're all so lovely! :D
Enjoy your weekend to the full ;)

Monday just remember how good you feel while on plan if you are swaying at all, it did the trick for me. This isn't a punishment diet, its the path to a whole new life for us. :)