Fascinating picture - Shadow Camels


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Don't know whether you've seen this before, but I find it fascinating.

If you check out the attached photo from National Geographic you will see that the black shapes are NOT the camels, the narrow stripes below the shapes are, the black shapes are the shadows of the camels, as this photo was taken from overhead.

nah doesnt work, i never see those magic eye things either lol, i reckon they are a huge con :D

Have to agree with you. Can't get my head around them not being camels. I know the science, but my brain isn't fooled :D

As for the magic eye pictures. I remember when everyone had them. A house wasn't complete without a magic picture on the wall.

Stoopid things. They are for gazers and not thinkers. I'm obviously a thinker :rolleyes:
Lol I dont think this is one of those magic eye things :)
Its just looking at things from a different perspective. Your actually looking at the camels shadows on this picture.
The real camels are the tiny shapes under the shadows
Very cool!
Amazing picture, spent 1 1/2 hrs trekking accross the sahara on one of those, 10mins would have been sufficient :rolleyes: