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Discussion in '5:2 Fasting' started by .Nicki., 28 January 2014.

  1. .Nicki.

    .Nicki. Minimin Addict

    I was wondering about fast days, do you just have 1 500 cal meal during the day or space you calories out throughout the day? Does anyone use vlcd shakes of fast days?
  2. babybo77

    babybo77 Member

    This is only my second week doing 5:2, previously done SW but found it too restrictive. So far have lost 6lbs. On my fast days I have nothing but water and black coffee until about 1pm when I have a snack of around 120 calories and then usually a ww ready meal and salad at around 7pm. I normally get a bit peckish around 9pm but just have a cuppa.
  3. Firsttimer

    Firsttimer Well-Known Member

    For me, first fast day i ate 180 cals at 7am, then 320 cals at 7pm, then obviously again the following day at 7am (but not a fast day). Today, my second fast day i have not eaten since getting up this morning as i find it difficult to eat so early. I will have all 500 cals at 7pm, or sooner if I'm struggling too much. I thought we had to leave 12 hours between meals?

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