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Fast Forward



mines a skimmed latte
i've done it twice and lost 5lbs both times
it a strict plan that you can get if you find you are in a bit of a rut diet wise and consultant will give you info, but it is not an easy plan to do my consultant calls it the strict corset
Can you tell me what fast forward is please? ive never heard of it!
which part of suffolk you from? I from lowestoft way..
Fast forward is based on set meal choices that have a number value and you have to eat a set total of numbers per day but you have to decide on your meals at the start of the week and can't change your mind. I got stuck in a rut and considered following the fast forward plan but after reading it decided against it. My consultant told me to read the plan throughly but she did say that Success Express option was probably a better choice.

I decided to fill out my food diary 100% including what I drank and what exercise that I did. In that week I drank on average 3.5 litres of fluid per day and walked 30miles in a week.

I lost 5lb that week so I am glad that I never followed Fast forward and restricted my options that much.
:confused:I am curious to know whether the weight loss you achieve whilst on Fast Forward comes straight back once you go back to Red/Green/EE days, does anyone know?
I can't see why it would do if you follow the Red, Green, EE or Success Express plans 100 % why the weight would or should come back.Apart from any other reason it wou;dn't make sense for SW to use the plan as a kickstart out of a rut solution


Strutting her stuff
I must say that in my 8 years with SW there's never been anyone in my group that's done fast forward. It's certainly not an easy option and I would try everything else at your disposal to kickstart a loss before resorting to this.
FF really is a last resort and is only on consultants recommendation, I'm like Circes, I've never known anyone in my group do it. I like Lynne's approach though, well done hun!!
I have just done a week on it and have lost 4lbs..considering its my * week, Im impressed with it.
To be honest I didnt find it as restrictive as others do...you just cant have the unlimited quantities of fruit and veg etc...everything is limited.
I stick to plan 100% and must admit that it annoys me when people think that you must be cheating if you either gain weight or stay the same each week. If I have cheated I will say, as the only person that I am cheating is myself and after paying a lot of money out for a gastric band...why would I want this to fail????
Anyway, Im not going to get into this, but wanted to add that FF is an option that is given by your Consultant if you are stuck, but can only be offered by your Consultant after they can see the efforts that you are going to.

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