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fast forward


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It is an extra strict weekly plan that can be used at the discretion of consultants and under their guidance if a member has reached a plateau for an extended period of time and all other remedies have failed. I've been a member for 10 years and it's never been used in my group. It's not a magic pill to lose weight quickly, and to be honest I'm a bit concerned the plan is being freely shared.
It is very strict and very limited in choice. Your consultant will only usually let you have a copy of it if you have tried all other options.

I did try it once, and lasted about three days! Not to be recommended.


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Circes, I TOTALLY agree with what you're saying, and wouldn't like to see details shared freely, for fear of abuse, but I just wanted to let you know that my C suggested FF to me in a private conversation, out with the ears of our group, as I'd plateued for a year. So there could well have been a fellow member or two in your own group who have been given it, without it being openly discussed x


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I have just done two days but I'm going back to normal SW! It's the same *whispers* calorie wise as what I normally eat, also I think I was doing it for the wrong reasons..permission to spank me granted..:)
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As someone who has done FF, and passed it on to others, I think it's important that people understand that it's not a life-threatening, unhealthy plan that will make you seriously ill if you do it without your consultant recommending it.

It's simply the SW plan, but with portion control and a healthy limit on snacking. It's three meals a day, plus snacks, and includes things like lots of bread, ready meals, veg, fruit and salad.

It's a lot less food than a lot of people are used to, and if you still have a lot of weight to lose, it is probably too restrictive and not neccesary. But if you're plateauing with not much weight less to lose, it's a great way to kick start your body into losing sensibly again.

Just to make a point, there was a guy at our class who still has about 5 stone to lose, but he was scared of putting weight back on so had stopped eating properly and as a result had stopped losing weight... The consultant put him on FF for a week and he said he really struggled to eat all the food on the plan as it was a lot for him (he was 25st when he started!) to eat. He lost 3lb that week, but my point is that it was way more than he usually ate - the Fast Forward plan is not a lettuce leaf and a glass of water, and if you feel you need a boost, your consultant will give you the plan to follow....

Good luck everyone, the SW tools are there for a reason!! :D

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I have also done FF...its strict in the fact that it isnt adaptable to going out for a pub meal etc as the normal plan is. When I first did it, I was told that it would be better to stay away from anything sociable for the week!! Lol....I didnt struggle with it, but any more than 2 weeks (which you shouldnt do anyway) would be sheer agony!
It is given as a last resort by your Consultant, when you have tried all the other options available to you. The first week should see a really good loss, the second (if you manage to do 2 weeks) gives a little bit less of a loss. However, I have done FF twice now and can say that going back on plan 100% afterwards gave me a gain.


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Success Express is almost the same as EE but instead of one third superfree you do two third superfree, you get 2xHEs instead of one, but when counting syns you count the higher syn value.


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Success Express is almost the same as EE but instead of one third superfree you do two third superfree, you get 2xHEs instead of one, but when counting syns you count the higher syn value.
Thanks Circes, what are the losses like on that? So many plans on SW.. Red, Green, EE and Express. x


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I've never done Success Express but I suppose the theory is that is limited your free food intake even further and that promotes better losses.

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