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Fast Forward


I WILL be thin!!
Does SW still use their Fast Forward programme for those who's bodies need a boost when their weight has slowed down? I used it a couple of years ago when this happened to me and had a good result and, unless I have a weight loss at weigh-in tonight, i'm looking to use it again.
Anyone know or tried it recently?
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
Yes, they still use it. However remember what you were told the last time you used it. You should not share this plan really as it should be given by your Consultant.


I WILL be thin!!
Thanks, I wasnt going to share it, just wanted to know if it was still valid. Glad to hear it is :)
I asked my consultant about this last night on the phone. Have struggled for the last couple of weeks so she called me to try and perk me up! I said to her that I had heard of fast forward and could I do it to try and kick start it off again. She basically said no lol! She said it was for members who had already lost a vast amount of weight and just wanted to get rid of another half a stone or less to get to target. She said its only considered when someone has been stuck for many weeks and she said really the plan is so good that it shouldnt be necessary so im hoping going back to basics is going to do the trick :)


I WILL be thin!!
Sarah, when I did FF, I had weeks of stops and starts, 0.5lb off here, STS there, it took a while and for me to say how fed up I was but I was naughty and copied it ;) So if it happens again, I know I can use it.
I guess its good that they do have this other plan to help when we really do get stuck and your lucky you have it to fall back on to mix it up a bit. I think if things dont improve in another 2 weeks I will ask again. I dont really want a quick fix just a bit of a boost but maybe im being a bit hasty as its only been 2 weeks and like you said you were stuck for weeks. I just have a feeling the last 9 pounds are going to be a mission!


I WILL be thin!!
The only thing about FF I will say is that while you have a fantastic weight loss on it, the following week you would see a small gain as you will have returned back to the normal SW diet, which can be a bit desheartening. Well, it was for me, but only because my C never warned me that would happen. But the results of it are good. But should only really be used as a one off. Hope your C recommends it to you if you still continue to struggle in your losses.

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