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Fat-Boy-Slimmin - through the hard times and the good

I wasn't impressed last night being told that weight lost on CD can't be maintained. Especially as there is proof on these very forums that it most definitely can be. The only way for the weight to go back on is if someone has too many calories and doesn't make the effort to maintain it. It is fact that if you have more calories than your body needs every day you will put on weight, just as if you have less calories than your body needs every day you will lose weight. Just because a person knows someone that lost a load of weight on CD and then put it back on, doesn't mean that it happens to everyone. That person was clearly having too many calories per day and put the weight back on, simple as that.

There was also the whole "this diet is better than that diet" waffle. We are all different and what works for one person might not be right for someone else. There are so many things to take in to consideration when chosing a diet and therefore no one diet is actually perfect for everyone. It's selfish and petty to try and force your opinions on others and put them down just because they aren't on the diet that you are doing and there is really no need for it at all.

The only positive thing to have come from all of this is that I am now even more determined to get to my goal and maintain it, proving these people wrong in the process.
I had to endure the aroma of a cooked Sunday lunch earlier, but I survived. I had my banana bliss shake and a glass of water, I was stuffed. Just 6 days in and I’m already at the stage where I don't think I could stomach a meal.

Fell a bit behind with the water earlier, as I had to clean out the filter for the pond. But I’ve just had a 2 litre bottle of sparkling water with Cambridge flavouring, while watching a movie. Only about a litre to go before bed time.

Tomorrow might be a tricky one as I’m going to be out for a while.
Had a fairly okay day in the end. I was worried about being behind with my water, but it's all under control.

I'm starting to feel much better in myself already. It's like I can feel my body improving. Like a weight is being lifted mentally, not just physically.

First weigh in tomorrow, so hopefully tonight will be as good for my losses as the last 6 have been. I can't believe tomorrow will be a week already. It only feels like a few days.


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Good to hear you are doing so well and good luck with weigh in tomorrow!
End of week 1 already. I really can't believe it went so fast. I've had no nasty headaches this time around either. Just a slight one on Friday (I think it was) but managed to drown it out with plenty of water.

So as you can see from my stats and ticker, it's been an excellent start with a loss of 16lbs. Target, here I come!! :D
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well done on your loss, a nice big start :D
I'm feeling great today. I managed 4 litres of water yesterday, so I'm hoping to try and do that every day from now on.

After a few small doubts leading up to starting again, I can safely say I am now fully focused on going all the way this time. As much as I could kick myself for leaving it so long to get back on to Cambridge, at least I am here now.

It's a shame there aren't more people in the Strictly SS Forum, as I feel not talking about food would really help a lot of people. It only takes a PM to Pierce or Mini to get access. With the Teams area not being so active any more, it would be nice to have a single group of people in the Strictly SS Forum so that we can all support and help each other and not have to be subject to talk about food all the time. It doesn't bother me so much, but I can see how it could be difficult for others. With just a few posts in there recently, it makes me wonder how many people are actually trying to do SS 100%, as it doesn't seem like many.
Well done you that loss is brilliant and you'll fly through the next few weeks - you blokes always have great losses!

I could also kick myself for messing about with CD as it has taken me 5 years :eek: to get my arse in gear and get on with the diet - and I have been 100% from day one. Oh well better late than never as they say and the change to my life has been huge, although I still have a way to go.

I might have a nosey at the strictly SS forum and see what is going on over there. I am part of a team but I don't mind spreading myself around :D.


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Well done, that's a fantastic start! :)
Day 10 already. :eek:

Still going strong, even though there's currently a kitchen full of people dishing out their cooked dinners. It really isn't bothering me though, as I have all that to look forward to.

I often wonder how many people find Cambridge as easy as I seem to. I guess it's all down to being in the right frame of mind and doing it because I want to, rather than feeling I have to. There is no one to stop me from ending it all (queue music :D) "right here right now", except for me of course. I choose not to and have no reason to question what I am doing.

I have an appointment booked with my CDC for the 2nd of September to stock up. She has the new books, so it will be interesting to get them and have a read.
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Hi FBS, well done on your losses, brilliant start.

I find it easy most of the time. At times i could kill for food though but it's not because i'm hungry, just because i want to chomp on something:eek:;)
Today has been a bit of a slow one so far. Also a family funeral, so a sad day as well really. It's a distant relative that I haven't seen many times since I was quite young. I would have gone, but I don't think I could handle it emotionally right now.

As far as the diet goes, everything is fine. I was in amongst the cooked breakfasts earlier this morning and it didn't bother me one bit. All I needed was my water.

I kept myself busy for an hour or so not long ago, by cutting up some MDF and putting a shelf up in the cubby-hole under the stairs for my Mum. She has no idea I was doing it (neither did I) as it was a spur of the moment thing. So hopefully it might cheer her up a little when she gets back from the funeral.


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You seem to have a fantastic will power, and i'm sure your mum will be very happy with u!! ;)
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good for you! what a bunch of douchebags to try and put you down on your diet. I'm very impressed with your positive attitude.

And the 16lb loss is spectacular! Well done, you must be very pleased.

You and both started the same day, and I've just discovered your diary so it's great to chart your progress along with mine. Are you doing any excercise? I'm going for walks every day; sometimes its 3 miles, sometimes its just popping down to the village shop.

Keep up the good (and inspiring!) work.