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Fat daughter

Cee Cee

I want to feel good and enjoy shopping
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It is so sad, when you seem unable to help with food decisions you can only encourage with positives.

My daughter is 24 yrs old and has just lost 4 st by eating well and moving more, I no longer suggest meals out we have family meals at each other's homes lots of fresh veg, also all presents are now nice clothes.

The change in her outlook has been amazing as she is the mommy of my two grandsons, so the healthy eating is doing good for the whole family. However not that my grandsons needed any encouragement as they prefer fruit to sweets

I hope this helps - positive praise and support

Wishing you all the very best

Cee Cee
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hiya i am a parent but don't have the same problem as i am/was the daughter that a parent is concerned about.
but thought i would share some things that my mum does and things.
I was on the lipotrim diet before and lost just over 5 stone as was 10.11 by the end of it, but back to around 13.8 so I'm back on it.
She wouldn't ever go to fast food places, when we go out she would buy a sandwich instead of something else and she always has crisps with it but she doesn't buy it with that if she's with me.
Also my mum gives tough love, she will say cricky rox look at your legs or bally etc its not nice and it was hurtful but when she goes on and on it hurt and still didn't make me want to lose weight which i wish it had bothered me as i would be stick thin.
She paid the first time for the lipotrim for the first 3 months once i got in to it i then paid for it after seeing the results.
I think that if they don't want to lose weight then they won't until they are ready. No matter how much my mum went on at me etc it didn't change the way i felt and didn't stop me eating and did not make me feel motivated or like right i have to sort this out.
Its a hard one because as parent you don't care what they look like but its the health issues it comes with, my mum always told me this,
What about seeing about doing weight watchers together, its one night a week and say then we can go grab a coffee together etc that would make me want to do it more than just the moaning and digs.
roxie xx
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im a fat daughter but my mum is doing it with me i could eat her under the table something that worked not long ago was buying a perfume and we both had to reach a goal we both had to do it before we got to open the prefume


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I don't have experience from mother view but I bet it is really difficult, just encourage as much as you can and do exercise (fun stuff obvious) after school and at weekends. Could she walk or bike to school, personally my weight started becoming a real issue when my mum got a car and i stopped biking to school, not saying it would have made a huge difference but may have.
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Have you seen the GP?

Obviously making sure there are no crisps, chocolate or sweets in the house and not providing any money or opportunities to buy high calorie snacks might help.

Exercise with her (swim, bike rides, jog or play a sport three times a week).

Prepare two 200-400 calorie meals, one 600 calorie evening meal and fruit, low calorie yoghurt and ice lollies as snacks (2-3 per day).

If she is under 18 then you can do a lot to help her as you have control over some of her meals and some of her free time. If she gets slim before 18 she has a good chance of staying that way throughout adulthood.

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