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Fat, depressed and pregnant

A little about me and my situation:

I'm 25 years old, 22 stone 9 pounds and 8 weeks pregnant.

After 4 years of no contraception I figured I was too big to conceive, so as you can imagine this has come as a bit of a shock to me.

As much as I love the thought of having another baby I'm quite sad about it too - I've been having some health problems (nothing to do with my weight) and finding out I'm pregnant has put a hold on tests I was having done. It's also put a hold on the dieting I had planned to do this year and on top of that I'm worried that my weight is going to be a major problem for both me and my baby. At the moment I am just really confused.

My plans:

My intentions are to not put a single pound on while I'm pregnant and hopefully even lose a few. I have checked with my midwife who says that Weight Watchers and Slimming World will take on pregnant women and it's totally safe as long as they know I am pregnant, but I've recently been told Weight Watchers will not take on pregnant women and I really don't understand how slimming world works, which is why I've decided I'm going to do this by trying to eat no more than 2000 calories per day and most of these calories I will try to get from good nutritional food like fruit, veg, lean meats etc.

Lissy xx
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I was listening to a doctor who once said in order to achieve this dont eat for two its a misconception, you must eat for 1, which is your self so just maintain a healthy diet and some exercise for the first few months then when it becomes harder do some brisk walking and lighter workouts.

I would also recommend Lighter Life after its over its so good and deals with all the issues you mention like depression and not feeling good, it breaks the relationship with food etc

come to teh boards and have a look at some of the ladies they are so inspirational


Call me Nicky xx
Firstly congratulations.

My advice for what itis worth is use Slimming World. The reason I say this is because not only does Slimming world work but it also helps you to understand how to use your calories effectivly to lose weight.
Alternatively if you do decide to do it on your own then ask the midwife/ dietican at your surgery for guidance.

Most of all, enjoy your pregnancy xx


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I totally agree with Nicky, SW is easy when you get to know what you are doing with it and the consultant has the skills to adapt the plan to make sure you are getting everything you and your baby needs. Good luck with whatever you decide to do x
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Why don't you ring weightwatchers and ask - then you will know for sure whether you can do the program or not.

I hope you get the space to decide what is best for you.



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Hey cheer up ;)

I weight the same and just had a baby . i put on 6 stone while pregnant and not from over eating in fact i was sick a good bit...
I was so bloated i cudn't even get shoes on :O
Be happy that you could concieve, that u will have a healthy perfect baby in a few months and then concentrate on loosing it ;)
Don't be so hard on urself :( you will be fine ..big hugz 2 u ..and congratulations on such super newz!!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


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Try to focus on just being healthy and not your weight cos even if your real weight stays the same the scales may register weight - which is down to fluid, blood, placenta etc........

Its a wonderful time in your life........keep positive..
just because you are pregnant doesn't mean you cannot loose weight.
At 22 stone, just by eating a healthy balanced diet you would still loose. I think if you gave yourself a limit of 2000 calories a day (which is the normal recommended for an adult woman) you could still loose weight because when your overweight you burn off a lot more calories.
that said definitely go to your doctor and discuss what would be a suitible calorie limit for your whilst pregnant.
And the whole eating for two thing is nonsense. For a lot of women who suffer from Nausia they cannot eat their normal amount and they still have perfectly healthy babies!
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big congrats on ur little bundle!!
i felt fat and yukky when i was preggers but it was only near the end (last 3 mnts) i started watching what i ate i was amazed that i lost over a stone. i did little things like swapped my choccie bar for half a melon and had snacker jacks with a low fat cheese and tomato's on for lunch with a soup and it worked. but i would get the advice of you midwife or doctor coz as you know them first 12wks are vital. wish u all the best for u and mini bump. x


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Hiya Lissy :) Firstly, congartulations!!! Special time...enjoy:) Agree with many of the above check out with the differant classes and give them a bell, they will adivse you in the right direction. Have a chat with your GP too and midwife. Tell them how you are feeling. Pregnancy hit me like a wee bolt out of the blue. Never thought I would conceive. Thats a wee shock to deal with in its self. Only advise I can give is to enjoy, its a special time and if you feel bad or depressed, please tell someone. Wish you all the best with it:) and piccies of the wee one :)
Thanks all I really appreciate your comments. Thanks for the congratulations :)

I have spoken to my midwife who like some of you, said that I shouldn't "eat for 2" she also told me to get out and do some walking which I won't be able to do for long due to problems with my pelvis that makes walking painful (SPD) and as I had this with my first pregnancy chances are it will happen again.

Because of my size my midwife won't be the only person I see through this pregnancy I will also have to see a consultant who apparently will help me with my weight which is nice.

For now I've trolled through the WW and SW pages of this forum and found some nice recipes that I'm going to use until I can find a plan for a pregnancy diet.

Lissy xxx



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Sounds like you are being very sensible, maybe you could also see someone for your depression so you can be happier through your pregnancy x
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U should be happy with ur news as it is good news

I wish it was me as i have to have IVF so plez dont be sad on ur great news

the weight will fall of when the babys born with all the running around u will be doin after he/she
hey i just want to agree with someone, you dont eat for two, its like the last couple of months u need a tad extra but its only like an apple or a packet of crisps extra. good luck and i hope you have a happy pregnancy!
I wish it was me as i have to have IVF so plez dont be sad on ur great news
Oh hunny I'm sorry you're having troubles and having to read posts about someone who sounds ungrateful but please believe me when I say I'm not, I've tried to conceive for just short of 4 years and I'd got used to the idea that I was too fat the news just came at a really bad time and I'm just so scared of the effects my weight will have on both me and the baby.

Lis xxx

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