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Fat related embarrassing stories...


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i'm sure we all have them....

Mine was a while ago but I thought I'd share....

I have arthritis, so I got a special chair for work. My boss assured me it was ordered etc and was in communication with the company providing it.

He forwarded the email to me, without thinking that the whole conversation was included.

"how much does she weigh?"

"we might have to order a special chair if its over a certain weight"

I nearly died.... XD

At the time I was in and around 20 stone... they just guestimated me at 16 stone... should have been flattered but I think I just wanted the ground to swallow me up haha x
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I to have an office related chair ongoing cringe! I job share with a very slim lady. Every time I sit on the chair it makes a really loud squeak! A couple of weeks ago one of the two men in the office shouts over, "It doesn't do that when XX sits on it". Cue an open plan office tumbleweed moment. I just replied with "Good for her!" in an effort to close the conversation. So he ploughs on "I wonder why it only does it when you're in". (Really he's a nice guy and I think in this instance was just being very very dim). I chose this moment to wander off and pretend I hadn't heard. The door hadn't closed behind me when a bunch of baying women all went for him!! Suffice to say I left it 5 minutes came back in, got on with my work and his face was bright red after being ripped to shreds by my colleagues. :D

To be fair the chair is a constant source of irritation but nothing is going to make me have my own "fat lass" chair leaning up against the wall which I have to change every Wednesday morning and then put back against the wall when I leave at the end of Friday!

Cat Lover Sue

Slimming and Swinging!
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To be fair he is a really nice bloke - just a bit thoughtless in this instance. Put it like this, I don't think he'll mention the chair again ... ever! :0


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Several years ago I worked in a petrol service station. One day a lady came in and paid for a drum of gas. I rang the money in and said to her 'Give me a second and I will lift it into your car with you' to which she replied 'oh no, you shouldn't be lifting things in your condition!' - I froze for a while and then replied icily 'I am not pregnant, I am just fat'. It was less funny than hurtful at the time but I can see the funny side of it now. The lady in question was a regular customer and very nice but she genuinely thought I was pregnant. To make it worse for weeks afterwards she would apologise to me for her comment and all I wanted was for her to completely forget about it! Lesson to be learned - never comment about a woman's pregnancy unless you are 100% SURE she is pregnant!
I was playing a kids scrabble game in my aunts one time when I was about 22 I was heavier then but not huge like. My cousin was about 4 he took out the F then went on to take out the A and I could feel myself getting upset then he whips out the T and said "FAT" and looked at me and grinned. I'm far to sensitive and his mother saw my face!! Even though he was a child I've never forgotten it. Kids are to honest.

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I love kids cos they're so open and honest with no sides! I've had 2 run ins with children and the memory makes me laugh every time!
One was when I was taking the boys (then about 18mths) to the postbox down the road when a little girl of about 4 walked past with her mum and older brother and she said "Look at that lady she's got fat legs and twins!" ~~ Shorts have never looked good on me lol. Her mum was very apologetic but I said forget it it's fine! I was just laughing ~ from her eye line that's what she saw fat legs and twins lol.
Second funny time was looking after a friends daughter when she climbed on my lap, snuggled in and said " I love sitting on your knee Kate you're so comfy and squishy like a big squishy cushion!"
Those memories always make me smile.
Mine isnt so much a huge story as the other replies but ive noticed since ive put on all this weight when ive been walking alot and I sit on a plastic or leather seat, I leave a sweat patch when I get up! :( I did it last week at weight watchers and its cringe worthy! Im sure most people do it but its been worse since I got heavier :(
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Bit like ellens story, I was in Paris a few years ago and I was skinnier then than i am now but how and ever I was wearing a top that had a band around just under my bust, we we're queing at a train station, middle of summer, roasting hot, really long line, one of the ladies at the counter looked at me and made a gesture to ask if i was pregnant my instinct was to say no but I though feck it why not and got to the top of the que lol. I have never worn that top since!

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