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Fat/Sugar Free V Full Fat Sugar

Hi all,

Was just wondering if anyone could help me out with this one.

LL recommends Fat free/low fat or Sugar free/low sugar options over the full fat/sugar varieties.

I am confused as I have studied quite a bit on nutrition being a fitness instructor (although not working as one now) and I have worked with those qualified in Nutrition who always advise to go with the full fat/sugar versions of food due to the chemicals used in the process of removing these from the full fat/sugar versions (sorry i am not sure that reads very well)

I have just read an artical in yes another diet mag who say always go for the full sugar/ fat options as your body does not recognise sweetners in the same way as sugar and therefore you end up overeating on the low fat/sugar versions because your body can't tell that it has had the full amount of calories it needs (and you generally eat more of something if you think it is healthy and good for you).

Basically they say steer clear of the low fat/sugar healthier options and go with the full versions but in moderation.

So in this case what do you make of this and what options do you go for and why?

I am so confused :eek:

The other thing is could someone tell me how much harm eating more than 5 portions of just fruit a day would do me in terms of the sugar/carb content - any info would be appreciated.

Hope you are all having a fab weekend.

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This interests me too. By no means do I have any formal education in nutrition but I am very interested in food and cooking. I gather there is some firm evidence that consuming sugar free products (eg diet coke which I love!) can result in weight gain in the long term as the chemicals confuse the brain. Or something - not clued up on the science.
What I aim to do is cook "proper" food i.e. protein (local and organic if poss), veg (ditto) that I prepare myself and avoid adding too much sugar and salt. I love baking so make desserts and cakes, again using as good ingredients as I can. We've recently got chickens so now have a good supply of eggs. I tend to prefer proper butter/cream to alternatives but ideally use not too much (not always easy as I like the taste). I do avoid processed food as much as is possible but sometimes it's hard.
Not sure about fruit - have wondered myself as I consume a lot! But at least there are lots of vitamins/fibre. I suspect the fruit doesn't matter too much as long as you aren't eating lots of bread or cake. I love the fat free Yeo Valley yoghurt. Keep meaning to make my own yoghurt but haven't got round to it.
Hope there is someone out there who knows about nutrition.


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I guess that whilst you are doing LL maintenance, you follow their guidelines to the letter.

When it came to the 'rest of your life', I do try to avoid foods that are unnaturally low fat or have sugar substitutes. Not saying I don't have them, just try to keep to more unprocessed stuff.

5+ fruits a day. Well, my dentist doesn't like me consuming much in the way of fruit. My way around this is to eat a certain amount with yoghurt, cream, creme fraiche (whatever I fancy at the time) to address the acid/alkaline balance (that's my excuse anyway:D) I'm sure a little cheese to follow would do the same thing.
Not sure about the effects after it's gone past the mouth.

I usually get about 10+ in the F&V department, which usually splits into 3-4 fruit and the rest veg.

I rarely touch diet yoghurts and get most of my fats from oily fish and olive in in cooking/dressings.


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This is very interesting, as although I am not in the world of food yet, I am already thinking quite hard about how I want to eat once I am able.

I quite often make my own yoghurts, a product called Easiyo. I mainly use the natural bio version, to which I add fruit etc. I have at times, added Canderel too, and now I wonder if perhaps that was not the best thing to do?

I enjoy baking as well. Fairly recently I have moved over to real butter in my baking, as i think it tastes better (well, I've not sampled my own stuff but the family tell me!) and at least it is a natural product. I have never used sweetners in my cooking. I also own a bread machine, and I hope to make use of that more too, with high fibre, low GI breads etc. I do like to add seeds etc to bread. My concern over that is if I discover I can no longer eat bread, trigger foods etc.

I am also planing to investigate further local delivery of veg/organic foods etc.

Thanks for literally giving food for thought!


Gone fishing
My concern over that is if I discover I can no longer eat bread, trigger foods etc.
That was one of my concerns too. Pleased to say that I can now eat them. Took a lot of patience to get around the head/body stuff before I felt truly confident that I had sorted it.
Hi all,

Thanks for your replies. I suppose while I am on LL I will follow what it says but may think about this once I am not following the plan.

There is so much info out there that is contradictory, it's difficult to know what to go with and I suppose it's really down to personal choice.

I am hoping to follow a veggie GI diet when I have finished management. I am considering doing Weight Loss Resources or Tesco Diets to help me to begin with.

I am really enjoying experimenting with food at the moment and have made a gorgeous marinade for my Tofu tonight. I just can't wait until there are more option although I worry that increasing the options will make me put on weight again and I really don't want to espcially juggling 2 protien meals with 2 food packs and snacks (luckily am not there yet so don't have to worry this week)

Would love to make my own yogurts I shall have to look into this.

Interesting! I've aready decided that when I go back to food I am going to avoid as much fake stuff as possible so it will be real sugar for me. My allotment veg is pretty much organic and being away from food has made me realise I dont want to fill my body with crap! Re the making yogs you can get all the bumph at lakeland, although you may be able to get it cheaper elsewhere!


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I'd also been thinking about this for when (long time yet) I'm eating. I'd decided that I was going to do the full fat/sugar and stay away from those with the added chemicals - just use a lot less of the full. Am also planning on looking into a more veg based, basic diet - with as little in the way of anything processed as possible.



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I am really looking forward to cooking proper meals from scratch using raw ingredients (rather than quick stuff from the supermarket).

Some of the recipes on Tesco Diets are absolutely lovely!
Very interesting, indeed! I intend to switch to semi-skimmed milk and sugar once I am finished with management. I was on semi skimmed milk for a long time anyway, even before I started LL and I will definitely use less sugar in my tea/cereal this time. I will continue cooking our family meals from scratch as I have been doing since I started LL. I won't avoid low fat/low sugar altogether, I'll just try to balance it out.
Has anyone used Xylitol?

Hiya Betty Boo,
Have you ever tried Xylitol? I got some today from Sainsbury because I'd heard it was a good substitute for sugar. It's apparently 100% natural and is a new sugar substitute. It has a low GI value, promotes healthy teeth, has a lower value in calories (13cals per tsp), lower in carbs, can be used in cooking and is not artificial. You can look it up on Perfect Sweet > Home. I'd be interested to hear what anybody thinks about it as I have never used it before but will be off SS in the next month or so. Can't wait!
This is the first time I've heard about Xylitol! Sounds good! I will get it the next time I shop. Cheers!
Thanks for all your help. I haven't been around as my Nan and Granddad are seriously ill in hospital but I do appreciate all of your help xx


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Easiyo is available from QVC and makes yummy yoghurt!!

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