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  1. Fatty Bom Bom

    Fatty Bom Bom Full Member

    Hello everyone,

    I’m back again and starting total solution again tomorrow. I haven’t done it for a long time and put back on any of the weight I lost before due to at first being unable to exercise and then becoming very depressed and then just generally being lazy and not eating healthily or balanced at all. Well I’m back to the heaviest I’ve ever been and feel miserable so it’s time for me to do something about it because procrastinating and wishing for things to change and making excuses will mean I will only get fatter which isn’t an option now I’m a father and want to live long enough to see my daughter grow up.

    I did try starting again a few weeks ago but I only managed to do two and a half days before I caved in and ate real food. It seemed so much harder than last time but I think that might be because I’m really struggling to get motivated to stick it out and get back to exercising. Well I’m absolutely sick of the excuses I keep making up for myself to not take action which is only making me more depressed which will lead to me comfort eating again and becoming fatter than I've ever been :(.

    I actually think I’ve reached rock bottom with my weight this time so now the only way is up and time for me to take control again. I know this is going to be hard, I know that I’ll want to give in but I just can’t this time because if I do I think my obesity will kill me and I can’t do that to my little girl.

    So to make a start I’m starting this diary and making a commitment to myself to update it daily and make sure I use the support that is available on this forum. Good luck to everyone who is starting or is currently on their weight loss journey.

    Fatty Bom Bom
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  3. Denisesuzanne

    Denisesuzanne Full Member

    Good luck and stay focused you know this is the quickest way to get results and don't beat yourself up we are all here for same reason get through the first week and you will be well on the way
  4. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Welcome back FBB. Keeping a diary & coming on here regularly will help you stay on track. There is lots of support & advise.

    Did you manage to start today ?
  5. becky slim to be!

    becky slim to be! Full Member

    Hello and welcome back :)

    You shouldn't be so hard on yourself! You've definitely made the right choice to join back into the forum!

    Keep us updated with your progress.

    Good luck :)
  6. Fatty Bom Bom

    Fatty Bom Bom Full Member

    Thanks for the support everyone, that's definitely one of the best things about this forum. Unfortunately I've had to push my start date back to Saturday due to picking up a bug and I feel that restricting my calorie intake while I'm unwell will reduce the amount of energy my body needs to fight the bug and make me feel better quicker. I haven't been eating badly though so it's not a total disaster, I'm really looking forward to starting properly on Saturday and getting this bloody weight off once and for all.
  7. lynneonextante

    lynneonextante Lynne will be thin!

    Hi FBB. Welcome back. I'm sure you'll succeed this time. Good luck with your journey. Keep up with the forum - it really helps, even if you struggle!
  8. gigglepants

    gigglepants Because I'm Happy!

    Morning and well done with deciding to get back on the wagon. It is harder re-starting but hang on in there.

    Wishing you good luck tomorrow, hope you feel well enough to restart in the morning xx
  9. Fatty Bom Bom

    Fatty Bom Bom Full Member

    Thanks everyone. So I was still unwell this weekend but feeling well enough to start today so this is now day 1 for me and the first day of my journey to a healthier, happier me.
  10. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Good luck today FBB. One day at a time xx
  11. Fatty Bom Bom

    Fatty Bom Bom Full Member

    Thanks, two days now and still going strong but I think the third day is always one of the hardest.

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