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Favourite shakes??

i just had a weeks supply of choc and ill do the same tomorrow!
My fave is the chocolate yummy:p and I dont mind the vanilla. Not tried the strawberry as I dont like anything strawberry and the chicken soup is horrible.


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well the smell of the soup alone made me want to be sick, I detest the flapjacks but I love all the shakes, I have the vanilla hot with coffee, the chocolate hot and the strawberry with ice, their all very nice indeed. When i started I thought they were all gonna taste so bad but they really dont, I think the tastebuds begin to adjust to them after a while :)
Well i love the chocolate and vanilla the soup is ok but strawberry i cant stand and the flapjacks(if u can even call them that) are the most disgusting thin i have EVER tasted in my whole entire life, sounds extrem but true for me. However some ppl on here love the strawberry and flapjacks so supose its all individual.


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i like the choclate strawberry an vanilla
i tryed the soup and flapjacks and didnt like them but every1 is differnt so its worth trying them 2 see if u like them
I find the strawberry too sweet, the soup nasty but I put two teaspoons of coffee in the chocolate and it is like a choccamocca and the same with the vanilla.
Hi Missx

I like all the shakes but definitely NO, NO to the soup, in fact I don't like LT hot at all...I tried the hot choc thing...naaaa! I add a spoon of instant coffee to my vanilla shake...instant frappe. Haven't tries the flapjack, I am not inspired ;)


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i like the strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. initially didn't get the vanilla as i thought i wouldn't like it. after reading various posts on here tried it with coffee - delicious. as for the soup i really tried and persevered but for me they are not nice. i think its trial and error as we are all different . good luck


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hey there is nothing wrong with the flapjacks folks - either that or I am so desperate I will eat anything. I like all the shakes, used to take the chocolate hot until this beautiful weather we have, now take them all with crushed ice, which I love. Funnily I was allergic to the soup, it made my lips swell and felt like I was eating razor blades - so no, not pleasant, but I did like the taste and it was nice to feel I could sit and 'eat' with the boys. I also mix half vanilla powder with half chocolate powder which alters the taste and I was drinking that hot, must try it cold soon.
I think you should try everything once as we all have different tastes and from what people say on here that can change as the weeks go on and what is your favoutire now might turn you off later.
Enjoy the experimenting.
flapjacks are vile imo

choc is my fave strawberry is the next and others i never bothered with lol
I like all the shakes, I have the vanilla & chocolate either hot or cold, the Strawberry cold with ice, I love the chicken soup and have one every night for my tea. I absolutely hate the flapjacks (soggy cardboard and smells like dogfood!) have tried them twice now and will not do it again lol xxx
Soup = :sign0137:.....enough said. But the vanilla with tsp coffee granuals, wizzed with lots of ice....YUMMMMMYYYYY!!!!

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