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Favourite Toy

When you were young did you have a favourite toy that even now as an adult you miss or have very affectionate thoughts about?

Mine was a beautiful doll that was made from a velveteen fabric that felt very much like a real babies skin. The face had a hardened fabric material, not unlike a soft cardboard, with the lips etc. painted on and it had a gorgeous lacy dress and pantaloons. It was given to me by my aunt after I had been very ill with rheumatic fever and was a constant companion. In that time there were no Tvs or even mobile radios so my time in bed was a long and dreary 3-4 weeks followed by about four weeks convalescence. Eventually at about the age of seventeen we were evicted from our home and the whole contents were taken away which included my beautiful doll. I was heartbroken for many a year and often wonder who ended up with it. Even now I remember with great fondness.
Strange what effect a toy can have on somebody's persona. Anyone had any such experiences?
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Mine would be a giant orange teddy bear with a bell in its ear. When I ran away from home I packed some clothes and couldn't fit this teddy in my bag so out came all my clothes so teddy could fit. I was only about 8 at the time. I was gutted when at 18 after living away from home for a few months I returned to find my brother had had a major clear out and teddy had gone to the skip.:cry:
Mine isn't a real toy. It was a knitted blanket made by my mom. In winter or cold days I always used to put it over my legs, it was mt lovelly blanket:p
I used to love to sit in our living room watching tv with it.

One day my mom put it on garbagge because it was already looking very used up and had several holes. I cried so much, I loved that worned out blakent so much even with all those holes *sigh*


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My best toy ever was a Pebbles Flintstone doll that my father brought me back from a business trip to NYC. I loved that doll soooo much!

Sidetracking just a bit: My aunt and uncle owned a doll hospital and their basement was filled with boxes of doll parts - arms, legs, bodies and boxes of blinking eyes! My cousin Franceen and I were traumatized by this! I was so happy when the doll hospital closed and Auntie Faye and Uncle Issie opened a snack bar.
I loved my weebles when I was little and was glad to see them on \Jonathan Ross's programme over Christmas, bought back a lot of memories. x


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I loved my little pretend till, I would pretend I had a shop and people would come in and buy groceries. I used to make a 'beep' noise every time I 'scanned' an item! Used to play everyday. :)
I had a pretend post office that I used to love. Came with little stamps and plastic coins. I also loved a game called 'Dream Phone'... kind of like Guess Who but with attractive boys calling you on a fake plastic phone and asking you out!
oh i used to love my buddy its was a doll designed for boys was quite big and scarey looking. my uncle used to crouch down under the windowcill and wave his arms at people waking by.

and my ghost busters tower! now that was cool. there is one in my dentists waiting room i often think about stealing it!

oh and my sisters oh penny! she had the lot i did used to play with them when i thought no one was around.
mine was a my little pony with pink and purple hair and glittery swirly bits on you face, I called her Rainbow. I also had a bear called Hugo :) I still have the bear

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