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fed up, 2lbs in 4 weeks


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Sorry need to have a little moan. have only lost 2lbs in 4 weeks, am doing EE & have stayed within 10 syns per day. I have cut down my booze to 2 glasses of wine a week from wine with dinner every night. I am cooking healthy food and don't know where I am going wrong. all I can think of is maybe portions are too big but am having over 1/3 plate of vegs with every meal. Any advice please?:confused:
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Hi there, firstly, its a loss, so well done! Do you have a food diary, maybe we could take a look for you. and well done on all the positive changes youve made so far, stick with it, it will be worth it xx
I'd pop your food diary up hun.. it may be somthing your just missing, or you could be doing to boost your weight loss.. but you ARE loosing. Granted we would all like it to speed up a bit somtimes but you are loosing. Dont concentrate on how much, concentrate on enjoying the plan, and that no matter what numbers show, as long as they'r going down.. youl get there.

Dont panic, your doing great xxxx


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thank you, will do a food diary & hopefully someone will see what I am doing wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thats a healthy rate to loose at. Your not exactly huge so maybe thats why your rate is slower than others.The more steady your loss the longer you are likely to stay that way. If you loose too quickly you may well put it back on .Thats from someone who has been there.Be patient and you will get there.
im similar hun. i joined at 10st 1 and now im 9st 12, thats after 4 weeks.im doing red and green and worry about portions.x

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