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Fed up. Dreading w/i tomorrow.

What's the matter with me? I have lost nearly 2 stone and am refeeding but I've lost the thrill I felt when I was not eating and shedding weight. Can anyone understand what I'm talking about?

I'm having a bit of food in the evenings but I'm feeling guilty about it. I'm eating very low carb food and the worst thing I've done in 6 weeks is to stupidly eat a couple of chocolates. And now, every time I put anything in my mouth I'm feeling depressed.

I had a Sunday dinner yesterday, sliced roast beef and some vegetables - small portions, no potatoes, and I hated myself all night for eating it.

I'm also scared that I've knocked myself out of ketosis... I've still got the horrid dry mouth but the ketostix are too pale...

I'm ten and a half stone on my scales, the lightest I've been since 1990, I'm wearing size 8 jeans. Haven't had size 8 on for twenty five years.

I could cry. What's happened to me?:cry:
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why dont you look on tomorrow as a fresh start go get weighed cut out the crap you dont need food all you need is in your packs, once you nibble it just continues well thats what i found and the guilt afterwards is soo not worth it!
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Aw sorry to hear you're feeling down Zayna. It sounds like you're not happy that you're eating - do you think it might be because you started refeeding too soon? I know you went onto 2 shakes plus a meal at night but, unless you eat very carefully, you risk going out of ketosis.

It's important that you have a good relationship with food when you leave this diet but it sounds like you're not there yet. Maybe you'd be happier sticking with LT properly for a bit longer until your head's caught up with the weight your body's lost?

I hope you feel better about it soon,

Peggie xx
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Sorry to hear you are feeling down Zayna, perhaps have a chat to your pharmacist or ring LT. You are in a size 8 which is awesome but you do need to see food as a fuel and not as the enemy.

Take care hun, sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Hiya - first of all you are meant to come out Ketosis when you refeed and 2ndly I think you need to start seeing food as a par tof life again, its not the enemy and you are doing great and having smaller portions etc. I think you should be thrilled at size 8 and stop looking back. You've lost the weight and must look fab now. Start living your life again hun.


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Hi Zayna,

If you are still showing even the palest shade of pink you are most likely still in ketosis especially if you are avoiding carbs.

Not sure if you still want to be losing more weight, if not you need to introduce some carbs back into your diet.

As pineapple has said refeeding is about getting back to introducing food back into your diet and coming out of ketosis.

Be gentle with yourself as it is only natural you are feeling a little anxious as you adjust to back eating again.

Be sure to discuss your feelings with your chemist tomorrow and see what he/she advises.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks guys. I just feel so down.

In the old days I'd have gone home, opened a bottle of wine and consoled myself with that and an evening in front of the TV with a few goodies. I can't do that now. And even if I could, I wouldn't enjoy it.

Yes it feels great putting size 8 jeans on but I'm now wondering how long it will be before I put all the weight back on - as if this is only temporary.

Sorry to be so awful. I really don't know why I'm so fed up, it's not totm or anything like that. :(
it sounds like you need some positive thinking - have you thought about doing some hypnotherapy? you've done so brilliantly - but it sounds like you're still in "fat" thinking mode - you're a slim person now and you can do this - but you need to have a thinner person's mentality.
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you have done amazingly.
if you think about putting it back on, i think you will, think of it more as gone forever not gone for now.

I did the atkins diet at the start of the year and lost just over 4 stone in 4 months.
but i didnt address my eating habits, so i put 3 stone of that back on. Felt like such a waste of time.

Ive realized now that i need to re think how i ate.

The great thing for you is your already doing that! Smaller meals is a fantastic start!!

I felt guilty on the atkins anytime i even thought about eating carbs, even though after a while your meant to. Its an awful feeling But i quickly realized that even if one day, i wanted to feel normal and have a sandwich, i just knew i had to do the extra exorcise to work it off.

I wasn't ready or responsible enough to stop atkins, cos i wasnt ready to address my eating habits... before you knew it i was back eating pasta and spuds and not exorcising! carbs with every meal!!!

Dont feel bad, you have done amazing, you can keep it off, your half way there already!!! Your already controlling portions.
Remember... every thing in moderation.. if that didn't work, nobody would be a healthy weight!!!

you impress me no end! :worthy:



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Hey Chicken, sorry you are feeling so down, I can identify with what you are saying, although I'm more a chocolate than a cheese and wine kind of girl, but food to comfort myself I really understand. Please don't take this the wrong way but have you thought of counselling, just as a way of getting some support with how you are feeling, I imagine it's a kind of loss, like food/wine used to be a friend to turn to and now it's not there. Or maybe think of somethings you really want to do like yoga or salsa dancing or watercolour...

Anyway, good luck and you have done very well. xxxx


I will do this!!!
All im going to say is i would do ANYTHING to be in size 8 jeans!!!! youv done so well you should feel really proud of yourself. :)
:eek: Well whaddya know... another weigh in, lost 2lb (well almost, maybe one pound 15oz).

I'm amazed, I thought I'd done terrible this week. I felt sick to my stomach last night at the thought of food.

I really don't know what I'd have done without this forum, I'd have jacked LT in long long ago and wouldn't be where I am now.

Thanks a million guys for all your support.

Z xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Well done on the loss!
I can completely understand where youre coming from tho. I'm sure it'll take time to re-adjust to the new-you. Its strange to think we can't pig out in front of the tv, (i loved that too) but hey things have to change, none of my slim friends ever binged watching tv!! I have to remind myself that!
When you're over this stage you'll be able to have the 'odd' glass of wine & nibbles, it'll be fine xx

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