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Fed up of being the fat friend!

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by sillymoo112, 5 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. sillymoo112

    sillymoo112 Member

    Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen. :)

    I started the Slim & Save VLCD diet today.... i was planning on starting tomorrow, but the package came before i had eaten anything, so i just thought.. right i am going to do it today! As i have always been one of those 'i'll do it tomorrow people'.

    I am 21 in March, and for as long as i can remember i have always been a bit on the voluptuous side, i have always been happy with myself, being reasonably tall and having a broad body structure, the weight doesn't look to out of place.

    Until i weighed myself at the gym, i was godmsacked! I have never weighed this much, ever! I could see changes with my body that i didn't like. So i thought i would do something about it!

    I have done weight watchers before and lost 2 stone before i started university, but being a lover of wine, and the odd take-away it came back with vengeance! :superwoman:

    I have so much motivation today! I'm hoping because there isn't the option to overeat i will keep seeing results to make my smile :)

    So far today i have had a banana milkshake, which was lovely.. i put some hot water in it, and my kitchen smelt like warm banana's, which was a nice way to start the day. (10:00am)

    Then for lunch i had a Cafe Latte Shake, i was a little bit worried about this one, as i despise coffee, so i thought i better have it today incase i didn't like it, as my motivation is through the roof! It was lovely, tasted very milky! (2:30pm)

    I'm spoilt for choice today, with what to have later, i have another to packets to have today.. we shall see what takes my fancy :)

    I have read lots of these diaries/forums and was just wondering if anyone had any advice? e.g. What shakes to have hot? Or when can i exercise properly again (i'm worried about having no energy)? Or just any general advice!

    Thanks so much for reading! I'll try and post on here regularly, :)

    Have a brilliant day! :happy096:

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  3. How do, Sillymoo xxx

    Welcome to the diaries :)

    I started last Wednesday so tomorrow is Weigh In One!! (Although I had a sneaky weigh in on Sunday and 4lb down)

    There are hard days and not so hard days and I can honestly say i havent had anything i dont like :p
  4. donjon

    donjon Full Member

    My advice is if you dont like the taste of a pack to begin with bling it up, either try it hot if you had it cold and with the meal packs they are meant for adding herbs and spices too. I make my packs with less water than they recommend as I find it more easy to swallow, eat that way. Drink, drink and drink water as though your life depended on it. Dont worry if you have a slip up, get back on the horse again and dont kick yourself too much about it. Dont put too much expectation on yourself either. Try not to weigh yourself daily (cough cough I do this) as at the end of your weeks when you get your weigh in and you see the numbers on those scales you will realise the tears, tantrums and frustrations were well worth it. I found it easier at the start just to do the 4 packs a day and kept away from real food as it was too much tempation to be around it and not pick. If you are only doing 3 a day, dont forget to add your protein and veg and also your multivitamin. Good luck.
  5. sillymoo112

    sillymoo112 Member

    Thanks so much for the advice and support ladies. Good luck Little Miss Biker... :) i'm sure it will be a nice surprise when you step on those scales!! Just out of curiosity have you got a bike? My ex used to have a few, and now whenever i see them i just want to be a pillion again :( Oh well :)

    DonJon thank you for the advice, i had my banana shake warm this morning :) which was yummy, just had the mild curry and it was alot nicer than i expected, i have one more pack left for today, so we shall see what i want later. :)

    I'm currently doing the four pack a day version as i want to get used to it, before re-introducing new food as i eat when i'm bored and emotional..and my portion sizes are *cough* questionable.. so having a very strict regime to begin with will probably benefit me. :)

    I have to take two weeks off in March as well, as i am having an operation and i wouldn't be healthy to be giving my body so few calories when i am trying to recover!

    But woo... first day nearly down! I think it's going to be harder when i am at uni/training as there is no kitchen/anywhere i can prepare anything... so i might just have to take a bottle of water with the amount measured out that i need and add the shake mix to it...I don't really want people are uni to know... because then when they ask me if i have lost weight... it will make me feel AMAZING!!

    Thanks again ladies!! xx
  6. donjon

    donjon Full Member

    When I am at work I take my shaker and a 500ml bottle of water plus a bar to see me through. I leave my mixing and concocting until evening time.
  7. I think there is something on their website about preparing meals without a microwave etc. Someone said on here the other day that a 500 ml bottle of water, drink some, then carefully empty a shake packets in and voila!

    Yes I have 2 bikes a 1000cc Yamaha and a 400 cc yamaha, I ran a bjke training school for 15 years so kinda in my blood!

    Where are you going to uni?

    I plan on a hot hazlenut shake tomorrow mnomnom!!!
  8. Predator

    Predator Silver Member

    Sound like you're doing brill sillymoo :) have another brill day today! Glad you're enjoying the packs too, that always helps :p

    I always wanted a proper motorbike too, never got around to taking my test and now it's just stupidly hard to get a license (at 22) ah well I'll stick to my 4 wheeled box! :D

    Have a nice day ladies!
  9. I habe to admit 4 wheels is easier in the winter - but you cant beat the feeling of 2 wheels in the summer!! I used to ride all year round - but I'm far too old for that now! :character00201:
  10. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    Hi sillymoo :) How are you doing? Still going strong I hope! The only shake I ever have hot is the vanilla with a spoon of coffee in it, only way I can drink it! Can imagine chocolate is nice hot too. You can make up shakes and put them in the freezer too and they go a bit like ice cream, lovely!

    I use a shaker to make my shakes, no lumps then. You could always use a shaker and then pour it into a 'normal' bottle so it looks less diet like? I bought shakers from a local shop, they're just clear with a blue lid so they don't look diety. That way if anyone sees I just say they're good for smoothies or iced coffees, which is usually what I have in the morning and that's the only time people at work see me with one. Only been asked twice anyway, once with a chocolate shake with coffee, once with the vanilla shake with coffee, so iced coffee wasn't even a lie lol
  11. floss

    floss Full Member

    Hey lovely, Hows it all going? I'm 22 and at uni too so know exactly where you're coming from! Also on 4 packs a day to try and avoid the emotional side of it for a while....taken in a quite a few cups of tea though :p aha
  12. sillymoo112

    sillymoo112 Member

    Wow!!! Thank you so much for the support everyone!!!

    I couldn't work out how to find my diary :/ which is why i haven't posted in AGES!!

    But anyway... a brief update of my first week........

    I didn't cheat AT ALL!! WOOOO!! Although i did have a rather strange dream about dominos pizza?!? i haven't had Dominos in about 6 months, but i think its because i got a text from them explaining about offers...

    My housemates have been teasing me, saying things like oh don't you fancy a Mcdonalds or a nice glass of wine?
    But i stayed strong, and apart from the odd chocolate and crisp craving i have been absolutely fine!

    I found out that the hazelnut shake with warm milk tastes like the creamy bit of a Bueno.... i can eat them all day long, so thats a nice thing to have if i need something sweet!!

    There was only one thing i wouldn't order again and that was the maple fruit bar, it was to nutty for me.

    But it all comes down to how much weight i lost.....
    dun dun dun....

    I lost 5.5kg. Which is 12lbs!!

    I forgot to measure myself before i started but my stomach has lost it's 'pregnancy' look :D eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I also went to two house parties at the weekend, I usually have a couple of bottles of wine (each night)...... i'm enforcing the negative student binge drinking stereotype here.... but i drank water all night.... and i was in such a good mood, mainly because i was wearing quite a tight top, but i felt good, because my stomach wasn't as bloated..... even had a cheeky flirt with a nice looking young man.... which just added to the happiness.

    I got my months supply today.... so it's full steam ahead!!

    I am SO happy, that i have finally found something that works for me!! I'm staying positive, i am 1/4 of the way to my goal weight.... IN THE FIRST WEEK!! That is insane!!

    I hope everyone is having a wonderful week, despite the horrible weather!!

  13. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Hey!! Wooohoooo well done on ur amazing loss and bloomin well done for stayin strong!!

    Keep it up xxx

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  14. sillymoo112

    sillymoo112 Member

    Thanks Stef. I just had a quick read of your diary.... CONGRATULATIONS on your AMAZING weightloss!!! You have done so well!! Also a little tip that i have found works really well.... Cellulite ( the little bugger), is quite easy to get rid of, well it was for me... When your in the shower, get a brush, i was told to use a natural one, but i didnt just a normal plastic one, and rub (quite vigorously) in circular motions all over the effected area.. then when your out of the shower cover the area in coconut oil... you have to be a bit generous. If you do it everytime you have a shower, it will go, or at least become less noticeable..... coconut oil is brilliant!! it's good for hair as well... and cooking... But yeah.. just a little tip that might be helpful!

    Thanks again for the support... x
  15. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Awe thanks :) still feel like I've got the biggest challenge ahead of me yet though with this god awful belly!!

    Ooohhhh lovely Thankyou I will get straight on that! Coconut oil, where would I get that? Like a chemist or something?


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  16. sillymoo112

    sillymoo112 Member

    Holland and Barretts is good if they are having there penny sale, otherwise it can be quite expensive, but it worked for me! it's meant to help with stretch marks etc as... Or online, there might be somewhere with some offers on, i got pure coconut oil, because then it doesn't have any of the horrible rubbish in it :) And your over half down the ladder already, it's just the last few steps....!! You are doing so well!! My friend always used to say he had a six pack, he was a big lad, underneath all his fat..... everyone always used to laugh, then he lost a few stone and my goodness.... he looked like a greek god!! So keep it up, your body will change... it just might take a bit longer for some bits... !! xxx
  17. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Brilliant thanks I will keep my eyes open for that now :D

    Haha yes I can imagine!!! It's amazing what lies under the fat lol

    Thankyou I hope so!! Praying this month on s&s will make a difference :D

    So are u at Uni ATM? Xxx

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  18. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    Wow what a great week! Amazing loss, fantastic resisting at the house parties, doing a great job :)
  19. sillymoo112

    sillymoo112 Member

    So.... Ladies and Gentlemen.... i am coming to the end of my 2nd week, (weighing in when i wake up tomorrow morning)..... i can't get the smile off my face!!
    I went out on Friday night, in a dress, that made me feel AMAZING!! I spent a grand total of £3 hah, i drank tap water all night... and although there was the odd 'woo don't go to crazy', no one really cared, i had a lovely night of being silly with my friends, and i was wearing heels!! This is a HUGE thing for me, as i had a knee op last March and i am having another one this March. I was dancing alll night, and i think it is all down to the weightloss!!

    Going out again tonight, thought i would be a bit more adventurous so i'm drinking water with some water flavouring oooooo exotic haha....

    My housemate is also taking a picture of me as i am wearing almost the same outfit as i did on NYE, i HAVE A WAIST AGAIN!! so i want to see the difference in pictures i'll upload it asap!!

    I did have a cheeky weigh-in this morning and it said i was 95.5kg which means in 13 days i have lost 9.5kg which is 20.9 lbs.....CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fingers crossed for another half a kg by tomorrow morning then it's ten kg in 2 weeks which is 21lbs a STONE AND A HALF IN TWO WEEKS!!

    No cheating, No alcohol, No crisps.........LOADS OF CONFIDENCE AND SMILING AND FUN!!

    I hope everyone else is staying on track!!
    Thanks again for the support!! x
  20. cheekychick81

    cheekychick81 Gold Member

    Good luck for tomorrow's weigh in :)
  21. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Well done Hun!!! Xxx

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