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fed up of fatness!

Woot! 7 pounds, well done!
Week 1 is by far the hardest. As where most people find the first 3 days hardest, I found the last 3 days hardest. I know after week 1 you feel like giving up. I was so tempted to ask for the maintenance, as I wanted food so bad. But once the results came in, I was motivated again.

Stick with it hun! 7 pounds is fabulous!
And week 2 is much easier!
Also, check out some threads around here. They're really motivating.
And have some good tips on varying your shakes.
Hope you can find the courage to stay on it!
Well done on your 7lbs lost hun and before you know it you will be at goal!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Hey bonnie.
Wow, what a fantastic 1st week loss.
Isnt that enough to encourage you to keep on going?
After my weigh ins the feeling i got was amazing. Id be on high for a few days then i'd think ok only 3/2/1 more sleep till next weigh in.
You've defo come to the right place for encouragement.
You dont have much more to lose so keep at it, you'll be at goal before you know it :D
yes great encouragement!! this is my last couple of stone to lose so decided to try lipotrim for an extra boost!! any advice on how to deal with people at work etc who are giving me a hard time, telling me I dont need to lose weight, these diets are dangerous etc?


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Either ignore them or tell them untill they become proffessionals on a vlcd/tfr then to mind their own buisness. You are doing this diet for you, you've no need to worry about others comments or opinions. All that matters at the end of the day is the fact that you want to do this, you are taking steps to lose weight and become 'healthy' and you are bettering you life span.

Anyhow, its probably a little bit of jealousy from them, knowing that you are going to become slim, super gorge etc :giggle:
hi i'm just starting my second week of lipotrim, got weighed today lost 7 pounds!:eek: i'm 18 and 5'3 now 11 stone.! i want to get down to nine and a half stone but don't know if i can keep going! encouragement please...?:wave_cry:
Can I just say well done you for taking such a big step, I wish I had been able to take control when I was that age, I was a size 14 16 at 18 and tho over weight compared to now not much but I thought i was huge and did'nt feel cofident, don't missunderstand me my life has been good/ wonderful at times but if I like you had taken control I would have been able to deal with my arthrits a lot better kept playing hockey which would have ment I would be able to play with my daughter and that is without all the surfing and fun I have missed out on with my hubby and children, I'm not trying to sound depressed but just want you to know what a good thing you are doing and hope you have all the success and don't have to wait till your 40 to find this brill diet, lecture overLOL keep us posted on your losses!!
keep it up darling ur doing fab x
thanks! today was really tough i cried when i came home from work! but i ran a bubble bath and checked all the lovely posts on this and DIDN'T EAT so feeling ok now! i also bought a size ten dress (naughty i know) which i have hanging on the wall which i keep looking at it's really helping!!!! really missing my nice coffees, teas, hot chocolates etc any helpful tips ? x

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