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Fed up with food


Silver Member
Does anyone else actually feel fed up with eating on this?
I know it sounds daft as we are normally the worlds worst piggies, but I've got 2 freezers full of food (I went a bit mad with the meat:eek:), a fridge full of stuff & things like pork scratchings hanging around & we're both fed up with eating!!
Is this normal on Atkins?
I've got all these lovely ideas for meals & when I cook them we can only eat a bit of it.
Tonight I cooked pork loin steaks, only one for Steve-unheard of! & cabbage with lardons & cream & we left half of it!

I'm not complaining, but it seems strange.
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I'm like that if I'm sober lol :D After drink however.... I'm munching my way through a bag of pork scratchings lol :eek:


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LOL, I love pork scratchings. I found some in Tesco, by the wine(?) & they are fab. but I don't even want them!
It's like I'm just full up. Not bloated, but full to my ears! I'm not used to this. Maybe it's not having carbs, I can keep on squeezing those in until it hurts :)


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That's what I'm doing now, but it's still too much. Must be a good thing though! :D
I used to have days like that on induction Sharon, keep the left overs for breakfast.


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Ha ha jim, thats what i did last night. Have 2 pork chops now to eat for breakfast. Can't wait, yum.
LOL I just coudn't eat left overs for breakfast! I have to wait until lunch time to do that :) All I can manage for breakfast is a boiled egg now which is weird as I used to gorge on butter laden bagels etc ;)
I eat less now as well, whereas before I could eat pasta and rice by the bowlfuls, but now I am really satisfied with less, and not really into snacking in the evenings now. I only get a bit snacky around 3, when my energy usually drops, so I have a snack then and I am fine.
We're all turning into food angels.....never been known on any other diet!
:sign0168: Dr Atkins
I'm always starving in the morning Caz, but I think that's because I eat early in the evening and don't snack after that.
I'm not too bad for snacking at night - a bag of scratchings is normally my limit! But I'm not as active at the moment either though I am walking quite a lot ;)
I walk everywhere love, it's the only exercise I do these days.
I like it, you notice things you never see when you're driving - like the buds on the trees. They are so pretty :)
Yes love, it's really nice isn't it. I'll be walking along the canal to lunch today. I've got some stale bread from the staff kitchen to feed the ducks and stuff.
Cool. :) Don't think I'd trust myself to do that yet! Stale bread or otherwiswe :rotflmao:
Ha Ha, LOL LMAO, never thought of that one Caz.


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Goody, I'm not worried now :)
We love walking, we try to do 4 miles a day round our town. We've been doing it for over 10 years & I used to get so p***ed off when I read how people walked off 2 stone in 2 months by walking & I couldn't.
Guess I know the answer now :DS:D

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