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Fed up!


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I have done soo well started SW 13th April and upto 11th May I had lost 18lbs :D

But I was on anti biotics and steriods for chest infection and things have just gone down hill, I am also a "in between classes weigher" and my weight was going up last week and I was sooo good and then I decided not to go to class as we were having a BBQ

Now I have been sooo bad eating sooo many bad things since last tuesday and drinking the wrong things and that I just cant get my head into it.

On my scales it is saying a 10lb gain oops! I have 2 days till I get weighed but I just cant get my head back into it.

Any ideas and advice?

Im cracking up here

PS- Dont wanna be fat anymore in the sunshine but I do still have 10st to lose :(
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Time to forgive yourself now. Once you admit the problem you start to do something about it,so draw a line and start again right now.That way you will start to feel better-don't leave it go another dasy or it will be harder. Sending you a akick up the bumin case you need it and a hug to help you on your way xx:asskick::patback::whip:


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Aww thanks very much I better get on the water instead of the fanta fruit twist then! I would use my wii fit but hubby unplugged it as I dont have any batteries for the balance board :(


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Two of the worse things to do:

1) Weigh yourself between official weigh in (mainly as it leads to number 2)
2) Skipping Weigh-in because you don't feel you've done that well that week.

Different scales will come up differently - hell even the same set of scales can add or remove lb's by being moved even an inch or two in the room. That means that there's only one set of scales that really counts in this journey - assuming you're going to group - the ones owned by your consultant - use those each and every week and no others.

By skipping group - you have no idea of how much damage you may have done to your journey. Providing if you've had a gain, you know why and know it cn be changed then go, step on the scales, face the music (even if it's only to yourself if you can't stop) and get back on plan. By not going this week, you can very easily lead yourself into the not going to go next week trap. been there, done that - and at the 5.5st i lost at that point I finally went back 7 yrs later and 11stone heavier!!! but so easily done.

18lb in your first 4 weeks is an amazing start - now draw that proverbial line and forgot about what has happened and start looking forward to the next step of your journey.

Medication can mess up your weight loss and take a while to get out of your system.

I had a nasty chest infection earlier this year and when I was ill I really didn't eat very much and lost quite a bit of weight. When I came off the antibiotics and felt better, my appetite went crazy, and I ate everything in sight.

I had a chat with my consultant and she said that this was a common consequence of taking antibiotics, not to worry about it, and to get back on track as soon as possible. Which was sound advice!

You have had steroids as well, which aren't good for weight loss. But the important thing is to get better, recognise that the weight gain is not your fault, talk to your consultant and explain what has happened, and then get back to the plan.

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