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Hopeful Daisy

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Hi...hoping someone can give me the swift kick up the backside that I need! I've been doing CD for 8 weeks (5 on SS). All was well I've lost 25 pounds but I keep falling off the wagon and have sometimes stayed the same. I went onto 790 as I thought if I was allowed some food I might behave and not have anything naughty. This worked first of all but now I keep cheating..I ended up at Nando's last night! Weigh in is tomorrow and I have already put 1.5 pound on (I only lost 1 pound last week).

I really want to get back onto SS but every time I try I feel so hungry - much worse than when I began the diet in the first place. Has anyone else has this issue?

How can I get onto SS again.

Help...I'm worried all the weight is going to pile back on. :(
The only advice I have is quite tough advice to take. The first time you start CD is the best, 2nd time is a killer!!! I took a planned break for 5 days and went straight to SS on my return, for 2 days I could have bashed anything and everyone, and eaten everything in sight!

The only real way to SS is to focus on what you want and dont let any food get in your way, basically its a will power of steel.

The way mini advises is to work down the stages until SS, and this is great advice as the carb withdrawel isnt as bad.

I just went for it, think my DH nearly left home though!

Think of what you want to acheive, is food as good as acheiving your goal, you have the rest of your life to enjoy food (in moderation!), but you are more important than food.

You have lost nearly 2 st, and that is a massive loss, write down a list of how you feel as you are now and how you will feel slimmer.

I would say that nothing tastes as good as being slim x
Good Luck Hun, For me days 2 and 3 were shocking, but you know in your own mind that things will get better so just keep bashing on and youll be there x
The thing is Hopeful daisy (love that name!;) ) that you are now horribly finding it out the hard way and I for one wish you LOADS of luck starting SS again... you need to remember why you started in the first place and what your motivations are... don't be cross with yourself or do that awful "if only" or "I wish I hadn't" routine because the harsh reality is that you have and you did and so it's done and dusted.. and you'll only make yourself feel worse and you deserve better than all tha negative nonsense :D

The FANTASTIC news is that you have acknowledged it, decided to take it on the chin and get right back up there where you were before! THAT takes guts! It is so hard to stick to it for so long and just think... you have lost LOADS already which is a great boost as you KNOW it works when you stick to it.

You are a star for facing up to it and starting over :D - that's courage!! You can do this, and with such a great loss already under your belt, just try and chalk this up to experience, acknowledge that the way ahead is to SS (if that's what you feel IS the way forward) , grit your teeth, stock up on everything...get rid of temptations.. and get some nice pampering treats for yourself for every day you stick to it... a new scarf... a face mask... a nice shower gel,... doesn't have to be earth-shattering... a magazine.. just little treats to remind yourself that you are achieving every single damn day you stick to it!! :)

I hope this helps and good for you for trying to still get there despite adversity and blips (and that's all this is - a blip) .

Good luck and hang on in there!! ;)

Kindest wishes and encouragement to ya!:D
Good luck..... and when it all gets too much... just remember.... on sole source theres virtually no washing up!!!!!
AH a girl after my own heart!! I am TK Maxx's best customer hehe!!

Call the Paddington your treat for losing 2 stone.

Go for a Balenciaga for the next two!!!!!!!

It IS incredibly difficult - I'm on day 4 of a restart and feel like HELL! My head is banging - it was nowhere NEAR as bad as this the first time!

At least I know that this will pass and I'll feel fab again soon!

Best of luck, hun!
Hi hopeful daisy :)

Im on day 4 of my many restarts and i find it really hard to behave and get back into ketosis, i have 4 packs on the days that i struggle, ive only had 3 per day so far, but will prob have 4 today as urge to eat last night was strong! :rolleyes:

I have yet to make it to my first week weigh in on a restart so have that as my initial aim, but as everyone says try to find something that you really long for, be it a product or clothes or even a feeling (i long for the 14st 1 feeling i had in june) :D

And just remind yourself of it all of the time, the other thing that is helping me is if you have a blip, thats it, a blip dont waste any time on it, dont even think about it, i wasted too much time feeling bad and guilty when really i could have been straight back on ss! :D

Hope some of this helps!
Yes I think the 4 packs is a good one. I'm going to try it for this week then go to 3 or like you say, have 4 if I am really hungry. I wish I'd got some different flavours. I only have three as I didn't like the others much but now I am sooooo sick of the 3 I have. Urghhhhhhhh.

I really want to be slimmer for Christmas and New years Eve. I'm also going to new York and Vegas in Jan but my 30th Birthday so really want to lose some more.

I have already decided that I am going to eat and drink on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Eve. I know that's not ideal but I feel like I want to enjoy myself over the xmas period and not put a time limit on when I need to achieve goal by.

It does mean that I need to lose as much as possible before then. Has anyone got any special occasions over the next 6 weeks? I've got loads and I am worried about really going off the rails. I have a friends wedding on 8th Dec, family dinner on 9th Dec. Friends over for the weekend of 16th Dec. Then Xmas and boxing day and new year! Arghhhhh...can I stay away from the cheese and biscuits! :)
Has anyone got any special occasions over the next 6 weeks? I've got loads and I am worried about really going off the rails. I have a friends wedding on 8th Dec, family dinner on 9th Dec. Friends over for the weekend of 16th Dec. Then Xmas and boxing day and new year! Arghhhhh...can I stay away from the cheese and biscuits! :)

Well, I was at a birthday bash on Saturday night, and tomorrow night my mates are coming to celebrate my birthday at a local wine bar, next weekend is the WeMitts meet, I have (as does everyone) Christmas to contend with and at least 1 Christmas party to go to.. T'ain't gonna be easy, but it will be worth it just to see the scales in the new year proving that one Christmas in SS out of a lifetime of 'em, well.. it'll be worth it! Just do your best and see how it goes - it's all we can ever expect of ourselves...:D