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I thought I would ask this question here as I have already posed it elsewhere without any success.
I have put several pieces of my poetry in the Creative writing slot but have been VERY disappointed that I have not had any feedback.I know I'm not alone in this as it seems to be that only a very few get any remarks added. I would love to know how people view my efforts whether good or bad.:confused:
Please let me know (and hopefully give me a bit of a boost):sign0009:
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Is so doing it this time
Hiya Emmaline, I've got to be honest I've never looked at the creative writing thread..... I didn't even know there was one! :eek: I'll have a look and leave a comment. My Aunt (more like my mum cos she brought me up) used to write poetry and my brother used to as well.... when he had time! x


Is so doing it this time
Hi Emmaline, I thought they were very beautiful :) . Very thought provoking, at the same time I felt the common thread of sadness in them, at something lost. I notice you wrote them a long time ago, was it at a certain time in your life that made you write.

I have to say my favourite was "Friends" its full of hope and fills you with the prospect of good things to come and reminds you of good times that have been and gone.

I'll definitely keep a look out at the CW section in future xx
Thanks very much Piglet, and yes they were mostly written when I was in a very bad depressive time. It's a long story so I won't bore you with it. Have now managed to cope with my downs and steer clear of things that are likely to trigger them off.
Thanks again.:)

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