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Feel a moment of weakness

Hi all,

I had to come on here to let off steam. Had to watch everyone eat a cooked breakfast for their tea...they have seen how well I am doing and decided to do the atkins diet.

My sense of smell has hightened so much since being on LT it made it really hard to sit and watch them eat.

Feel so angry I could cry and swear alot! But I shall contain myself.

So I had a shake and a pepermint tea, feel a little better...no way will I break the diet but I am fantasising of eating "atkins" food!

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Don't Worry Be Happy
well done for not giving in, i know how it feels i once drooled whilst feeding the dog, but it gets easier i think i usually go get a bath or take the dog out when others are eating you only tourture yourself by watching with your mouth wide open. good luck anyway:)
Cheers guys. I try not to always leave the room as I dont want to have issues with food...I got to be stronger than that but maybe I should for a while!!

Will need to start introducing food to my daughter in the next week or so...that will be hard been looking at the jars...root veg and apple Mmmmmm! Creamed mash and carrot "garrrrrr" (that was a Homer Simpson drool!!)


loves minimins
well done for resisting hun xx
I can appreciate how you feel! However, I find myself actually enjoying cooking for the family - yesterday made five chicken pies for the freezer and a dozen Danish pastries - no desire to eat any myself - just nice thoughts about how and what I shall eat when I finally get to my goal - a long way off yet. My sense of smell has hightened too, bacon especially - I'm like the Bisto Kids (remember that advert?)


loves minimins
i have to say annes, bacon was the reason i failed last time i was cooking for hubby and i honestly started crying cos i wanted a bacon butty so much, felt stupid after. i lost 7lb in 4 days and quit for a bacon butty how stupid was i well not this tme joining the LT band wagon on sunday as i want to have a good sleep catch-up and get all the kitchen sorted out tomorrow first, all my fave foods are half way through being removed so should finish it off tomorrow ready for sunday.
I resisted today at a birthday breakfast, I took my shake with me and I did'nt give up, honestely I was about to cry for the full english breakfast.