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    Hi all,
    feel realy bad, returned to cambridge on monday and hav stuck to it and to be honest have never been able to stick to it this long but probably like a few other people weekends are the problem!! Not so much weekends but the Saturday night, always go out for a few drinks with OH it is a bit of a release,and i just don't seem to beable to not drink. Only had a few g+t to night but then went for pizza!!!!!
    Can t blame the drink as not even drunk and knew what i was doing and was in full control! Not sure where to go from here.Know i will be back on track tomoz but know deep down Saturdays will always be a problem. Don t want to move up a plan as fine all week bar Saturday?

    Any advice and guidence gladly recieved.
    Feel guilty posting this and i do apologize to all you people out there who manage to stick to the plan. as i know that there have been comments before about all us whinging people who can t stick to the plan and come on here moaning.please accept my apologies now.

    Elaine xx
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    from 1 elaine to another i dont mind you getting it all off your chest hun,
    i just have to ask you do you know its very dangerous to drink while you are in ketosis,there is a sticky on here somewhere about it so just to let you know!!!!
    at the beginning i found wk/ends a nightmare as that was my takeaway time but you soon learn to live with it,you just have to decide what you want more,to lose weight or to give up a little of what you fancy for a while?????
    just get glugging the water and try to nip this in the bud now as it will only get harder the longer you leave it,
    best of luck to you,
    elaine x
  4. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    firstly well done on what you achieved - good on you. As for advice, weekends are tough in the beginning. I remember how it was for me but the habit can be broken. If you would just change your Saturday night routine for 3 weekends, you would find it much easier after that (takes 21 days to create a new habit). I used to struggle at the weekend too but in time I didn't miss the alcohol/social food occasions associated with the weekends at all but you need to be a little tough on yourself to start with. And you need to try the fill the time with something other than what you normally do to start with.

    Have a good week. Don't let this throw you off course
  5. Camilla

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    Good luck, here's to a CD Saturday night! XX
  6. karenO

    karenO Step away from the chips!

    Totally agree with what Dancing said, creating a new "habit" can make things so much easier for you at danger times. Getting tough & breaking the association will hopefully allow you to cope better in the long run.
    Maybe you & DH could find an alternative activity on Saturday evenings that doesnt involve food or drink for a few weeks. I dont know, maybe the cinema, bowling, salsa dancing?

    Good luck x
  7. Sunnysmile

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    Good luck hunny!

    Can only echo what others have said... xx
  8. slimmerwithin

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    Alcohol is a big demon for me, but I decided that in order to do this I had to quite completely for as long as it takes. Once I had made that decision (I went to my doc for help, because mine was far more than a few g and t's on a saturday night) I have found it really easy. I have just done my first weekend alcohol free for many years, and even though i run a b and b and it is a party weekend here surrounded by people drinking, I truly havent thought about it. Once you make your mind up it is truly empowering. I decided that I need a healthier me in every way and to give my liver a break as well. Hope this helps.

    HALLORAN Member

    thanks guys for that.
    got up this morning and felt fine but my stomach coz i had eaten felt like i had eaten abag of cement!!!!

    going to hammer the water today got my wi tomoz morning

    elaine. xx
  10. Hedgehog

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    Draw a line under last night, and drink plenty of water today, the weekends are difficult and this is a very antisocial diet.

    I agree with KarenO that trying to find an alternative activity for you and your OH on a saturday night is probably a good idea, until you feel more confident saying no :)

    Remember its not forever, just a short term sacrifice for the long term goal :)
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