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feel demotivated.


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Hello, I've been doing sw since the end of Feb and have lost 13.5 pounds. I do sw at home on my own as don't enjoy classes.
I don't know if it is cos it is totm but I feel really demotivated. I thought u were only meant to feel grumpy in the run up to it.
I hate feeling like this. I have been so good with doing loads of exercise but now I just feel grumpy and can't be bothered.
Does anyone else feel the same today?
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yep after a 3.5 pound gain last night, feeling pretty low, but trying not to let it get the better of me.

TOTM for me too, so easy to blame gain on that but know its not only that.

Give yourself a break, have a grumpy day and don't do any exercise but make a deal with yourself to get back onto it tomorrow, thats what I plan to do :)


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Yes ill try get on track tomorrow I think. It is hard when u feel a grumpy. I'm sure u will soon lose what u put on x


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Still feel like I can't be bothered. Don't know why. Grrr. Just want to feel motivated again. Only have 7 pound to lose and everytime I get close I feel happish and become demotivated.
I think most will go through stages like that. I felt similar after I got to target. Managed to maintain for ages & then started to have naughties which just continued. That resulted in a stone weight gain :(

So I am back on plan with my approaching holiday for my motivation!!

Have you got anything coming up that you can use as a focus? Or a dress or something???


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I think its easy to get to a stage when you have lost a bit and have less to lose to get complacent cos youre happier with how you look. Just try to remember why you want to lose this last bit and how much it will mean to you to do it. Try having different foods or swapping plans even just changing hex can make a big difference.


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I had an awful day on tuesday very teary, really down on myself, looked in the mirror and thought, you are so fat and you`ll never lose what you have set yourself.
Wednesday was a better day, 3 people commented on how good i looked and couldn`t beleive how much weight i have lost.
It gave me an amazing boost, and made me even more determined to continue.
I wish you good luck, you`ll feel better :0)


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I totally agree with you Funky Munky.....
Last week I had a TERRIBLE week. I was feeling great that I had consistently lost weight for a while, saw all my skinny friends eating and drinking what they wanted and thought 'this isn't fair' - I ate and drank so much rubbish!!
Did I feel better for it?? A little as I think its good to be flexible with yourself now and again, but I realised when I carried on after the weekend that I was only sabotaging my own success and no-one else's.
I put on 2.5p - but my head is back on the plan now and I'm feeling good about sticking to it.
I think everyone has odd grumpy days, the key is not to let them continue for too long, remind yourself why you are doing this and feel proud of what you have done so far!