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feel like eating (anything i can)

hi all im feeling really fed up after waking up and feeling so positive i now feel like eating anything i can get my hands on, not sure why my mood has changed from this morning, why do i feel like this i even put a small bit of tinned tuna in my mouth then spat it out feeling pretty desperate at the min help:angeldevil:
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I can do this.
Hi joanne afraid i can't help... feeling the same way myself,i think i'll take the dog for a walk.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
You have a brilliant weight loss so far.....try and do something to take your mind off food. Perhaps have a nice soak in the bath and spend some you time pampering.
I always crave about 4 or 5 in afternoon...maybe our sugar levels drop then. (not sure). :confused:
Keep busy and stick with it...you know you can.. ;)


Skinny girl in a fat body
I know exactly how you feel. I am the same myself at the moment and am praying it will pass. I was to lose nearly 11lb before 23rd August and the more desparate I am, the more I am eating! I feel so guilty but it is not stopping me from doing it. Why?

You have done fantastically well, a stone in week 1 - that's amazing. You keep going and although I haven't got the answer, TRY your hardest to resist x


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i think there must be something in the air at the moment! I'm feeling abit down and despondent too! What is happening to us all? Got to get those positive vibes back guys


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I'm feeling that way today as well :confused:

Going to have a long soak in the bath shortly and go to bed early with a book to distract myself :read:
Hope you're feeling more positive now :wave_cry:


Fed up of being fat
Same feelings here too except I wasnt as strong as you lot and have nibbled a lot over the past couple of days. Think I will have to write this week off and start a fresh tomorrow with no more blips!! I completely lost the fab place that I was in, found it again tonight and Im back on track.

Keep strong all and just think how quickly we can all get slim if we behave ourselves ... the more we blip the longer we will be on the diet and not getting any closer to maintaining! (says me .. miss blipper))


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:hug99:Sorry your feeling fed up. Your doing really really well, it is so hard somedays, i've been feeling hungry at times since finishing my aam week. Things i do to try and keep busy are, read book/magazine, paint my nails, have a bath, play on the arcade (it's addictive!)

Have you got any mix a mousse? You could make some jelly, it's lovely and is really good if your feeling peckish but don't have any packs left :)
Awww Joanne you poor thing. I had a few days like that at the end of last week & it was so hard to stay on track. Keep posting on here, take a walk or a bath to take some time & stop you picking. I also wrote down how I was feeling & why I wanted to eat. Then I wrote why I wanted to lose weight & seeing it all on paper strengthened my resolve. Good luck hun.