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Feel like Im going to struggle tonight..


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Think Im going to be battling the food demons tonight, hope i win! (blipped last night, why?? :confused:) Still got my SS+ meal and 1 and a 1/2 packs to have so I'll space them out.

Otherwise, had a nice day so far. Met up with a friend for lunch (I had a black coffee, forgot to take my choc tetra :(). Haven't seen her for a while and it was the first time she'd met my DS so he was the centre of attention and was a star as usual!

Then bought myself a little calorie counter book and some perfume- Joop Thrill, really like it! Still no birthday present from hubby (birthday was on 15th) Im sure theres something in the pipeline I just wish he'd reassure me that he hasn't forgotten!

Away to have my SS+ meal now.
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Dont struddle have you meals, space them out, and then drop reminders that you cant believe its been soooooooooooooooooo long since your birthday. Lol mine forgot mine and that was last September, not reminding him ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hey Angela - hopefully by thinking about blipping rather than just automatically going and eating you will be able to talk yourself out of doing it again tonight. You know it isn't hunger as you can have your SS+ meal and CD meal - it is all in the mind - which doesn't make it easy but you can get past it.

You have done really well so far on this diet but days do get tough at times - stick with the plan and you will be at target before you know it!

Have you been dropping hints to your OH about your present? Big ole unsubtle hints??? Sounds like you had a good afternoon though, am sure your evening will be fine...


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Yeah, I've dropped hints so I'm pretty sure he hasnt actually forgotten! maybe he's ordered something online or something from amazon thats not released yet.


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DH on way home now but I hate it when he works late and its quite often. His works partly seasonal (moterbike instructor) so it might be different in the winter but I want to spend time with him the whole year round!! + we were going to have the day together on Tues as SIL taking DS for the day but now he wants to work as he has to take Fri off to go and pick up a new bike. It'll be nice to have some time to myself on Tues but Id rather spend it with him, maybe there wont be any work for him on Tues but doubt it, its pretty busy this time of year.

Just sometimes feels like he doesnt want to spend time with me as much as I want to spend time with him but I know thats not the case, well I bloody hope it isnt!! Away to cook his tea now.

Been good, still got 1 shake left which I'll split to have as 2 hot chocs.


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stick with it hun! You know your stronger than the food, so enjoy your hot chocs hun and get sticking post it notes everywhere about the birthday he's missed! He's V Cheeky! lol


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Well done for getting through last night, grrr that the feelings are still around today. I have been a bit distracted thinking about food and wanting to rush through my meals but challenged myself to do all the ironing (all 3 hours of it) and have just had a soup and 20 mins on the internet as a reward. Just look to break up your day and you will get through it!
I feel for you. I am still in ketosis but have found this weekend really hard as I feel hungry!

I have already had my SS+ meal and am just trying to stay busy. Not helped by the scales fluctuating all over the place.

I think it helps just taking the time hour by hour.......

You've done really well so far so keep going!


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Well done for staying strong last night, I'm sure you'll be fine tonight!

My DH is out tonight too, so I'll be on here to keep me on the straight and narrow!

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