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Feel like iv ran out of puff. .

You know when you get to that point you just dont feel you can give any more?

Thats how i feel at the minute, i just feel mentally exhuasted, a constant battle with myself.. i am really struggeling.

i know deep in my heart i'd never leave or anything, i owe all i have to slimmingworld.. but theres a part of me deep down that wishes my life didnt revolve around food.. that people don't ask me for advise or look up to me because of my weight loss. I wish i could just hide away somtimes.

eurgh.. i just feel so pathetic for feeling sorry for myself.. i just feel like iv ran out of steam.

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Then step back from the sainthood, take the compliments on your loss and the fact that people consider your opinion important as pluses without looking for them or hiding away from them and forget about those last few pounds for a couple of days. It takes time to build up steam and you have certainly used enough in your journey.
Oh hun, don't give up! I know how hard you've worked and I know how determined you are to lose these last few pounds to your ultimate target. I can't offer any advice except to say to stick with it and keep doing what you're doing (and exercise!!). I do think the exercise will help and might just be what you're missing - especially if your food is spot on.

Don't despair. You WILL get there!!! We're all behind you and we all understand the ups and downs of losing weight so don't feel bad. we all have these moments but we just have to keep going, stick with it 100% and know that you will get there!



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It sounds like you need to take some well deserved "me" time. You have lost a great deal of weight which should make you feel on top of the world, but you sound like you have gained the weight of other people's problems in it's place.

Every so often we need a time out to put our own lives into perspective. Much like you would have done at the start of your journey when you decided to join SW. What do you enjoy doing? What would you like to spend time on? Is there something you always wanted to do but were stopped before by your weight or other circumstances? Do something that will enhance and enrich your life, be it for a minute, an hour, a day, a month, a year or forever... Something that can make your life revolve around something else but won't distract you from what you have achieved here.

But you know what else? We think you're great and I bet we're not alone.

Cobweb xx


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I get days like this often. So I have a 'controlled' day off. A fllexi day, and then get back to it the next day, sometimes its all I need to help me feel better. Defo do something for you, maybe a new outfit or a spa day.


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Hi Ferny, sorry to hear you're exhausted by it all!! I think that it's been an intense part of your life for a long time now, and you've been in the limelight because people are so inspired and impressed by you, and most of all proud of you!! I can completely see how you just want to hide away! There's a lot of pressure on you to maintain this success and people are probably putting you on a pedestal to a certain extent!! I'm having a little taste of it! I'm nearing my 3 stone mark and every time I go to work and to the pub everyone's talking about my weight loss, and I'm only half way to target! I thought I'd love all the attention, but I'm starting to ask people to talk about something else now, it's all getting a bit tiring and self-indulgent! I love compliments and it's very nice of people, but I don't like being in the spotlight! But back to you hunny, you can step back from it a little! Cobweb has hit the nail on the head! Try taking the focus away from your weight loss a bit by trying to absorb yourself in hobbies and things that interest you!! You need to find something that diverts other peoples' attention away from your weight loss success! People are probably still getting used to the 'new you' as it's early days, but they'll soon get their heads around it and it won't be talked about quite so much- they'll still be proud of you but they'll find other things to get excited about!! What is it they say?... Today's headlines become tomorrow's fish wrappers!! This is actually very true!! That'll take the pressure off a little! Enjoy being YOU for all the things that define you, not just your recent success!!XXXXXXX
I just want to send you a big hug (((((((( HUG ))))))))

Hope that you feel better soon - you have been on one heck of a journey & maybe some you time is what is in need x
I think you should try to limit the conversations that revolve around your weight loss. That way you'll feel more like a slim person than a 'person who used to be big but has lost a lot of weight'
You want people to treat you like a slim person so when they start talking about your weight loss and your diet only allow the conversation to go on for a very short while before you change the subject - you have to wean them off this because that gives you less pressure to be perfect which in turn will give you more time to BE perfect if you want to.
I change the subject more often than not, especially with people who I know are expecting me to put the weight back on (and you know there are some of those out there)


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Aww Fern :( big hugs pal *huuuugs*

I agree with the others, you need some time for you! Or a day where food isn't the main concern, get yourself away to a spa! You deserve it!


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Many hugs Fern! You have done so well and you know it!
I agree, have some "me" time, and I would advise not worrying too much about food. You know the plan but don't make it your total focus. Just stick to the plan without worrying about it too much. If you put on a little one week, don't be upset. It will come off!
Speaking from personal experience, my first few months were really hard and my total focus was on food. I thought, and spoke of nothing much else. When I stopped that continual pressure on myself I did better, and I was more relaxed.
Now that it's a way of life, and I don't worry so much it's so much easier. I enjoy myself, and if I want to have a "normal" eating out day, I do.
Another hug Fern and just be you for a while. You honestly don't need to be a saint all the time!
Good luck sweetie. You know we are all behind you!

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Hun, I can sympathise with you on this one and I still have another 3 stone that I want to loose before I reach my target.
People will ask you about your journey as you have become an inspiration to them and proof that you can loose weight whilst eating!
My phone has become the SW helpline to family and friends alike and it is boring, but I also appreciate the fact that they are asking me for help. I either help, or I make the decision to refer them to the SW website or a SW consultant as I know there is only so much I can do. You need to try the same Hun.

I hope that you feel better soon.

I understand how you feel and I'll share what I did I stepped back I now only go to group when I can I'm busy 3 young children one SN so its hard, I was always asked for ideas tips etc and found it exhausting now I don't feel bad if I serve up pizza shop special, funny thing is since relaxing I'm staying within 3lb of my target I know I need to get a grip on my eating but I'm not too worried.

Hope you can sort out what you need.
Hey guys.
Thank you very much for taking the time reply to my thread..

I missed WI last night, but my scales show a 1lb gain, yet boots show a 2lb. which i just cant see how i deserved that.. but what ever.

This week im just doing what i feel like.. all on plan.. but iv not planned my meals.. all the food in the house is syn free or low syn as always.. so no danger zones.. but im just taking each meal as it comes.. i cant stress anymore, i dont ahve it in me!

im having a week off as such, not food wise.. just taking a step back.. my life isnt revolving around it this week..

im having my hair coloured this eve, iv bought some new makeup and hair products, a new size 10 pair of linen trousers from next which are lovley and im going to go swimming sunday, - followed by a nice full body massage and eye brow wax. Im not going to talk about my weight, at all. that subjects off limits this week..

it'd just be nice, for one week.. to be seen as me, not a gigantic sw billboard. :)

im going to be lingering around and replying to threads as usual.. but i dont think im going to update my weightloss diary this week..

sounds like your doing the right things. Take it slowly and enjoy yourself . Try to forget the pressure and remember what a lady told me.
When you learn to walk you have to look at your feet or you'll fall over.Slowly you can look up and enjoy every thing around you but keep walking and before you know it you've reached your destination. Look at your journey that way and you will see that that you need to start appreciating everything else not just the weight loss. Appreciate the new found you and then learn to fly like a butterfly.xx
sounds like you need a nice well deserved treat(maybe not food) a shopping trip or just a few hours to your self in lovely bubble bath with candels. And i also think maybe trying to limit the conversation about iets/food etc is a good idea for a few days (i know that can be hard especially when you feel like its constantly on your mind)
try to keep positive your doing well x

My hair is done.. all shiney and dark just the way i really like it..and iv had a completly syn free.. day.. eating when i want to with foods i enjoy... and iv not thought twice about the next meal ahead..

Joes driving me too and from work tomorrow so i wont suffer at the hands of the traffic jams and annoying people in the morning..

early finish at work tomorrow aswell.. and then im going out for a lovley curry wich i will enjoy.guilt free..