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Feel like I've over eaten and a failure


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Today I had some pasta bake for lunch, then two helpings for dinner and then another serving for supper. :confused: Feel like I really shouldn't have eaten all that even though it is free food.
Plus 27 syns yesterday, 18 today.....
I count down on syns over the week and it still works out I have 13 a day for the rest of my week but still feel like a total pig.
Worried I've jeopardised my weigh in on Wednesday :cry:
Sorry just need to confess my guilt.....
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hey you probably needed it. Don't beat yourself up. I felt hormonal the other day and actually made a special trip to tesco at 9pm to buy half baked ben&jerry's. And I ate the whole pot in one evening-and still lost a pound that week. We all get ravenous at times. Just start afresh tomorrow!


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It is free food and if you were hungry then there is no problem with having 2nd portions!! If I think something is yummy I tend to go back for seconds ;)

Also you sound in my opinion completely incontrol!! You know how many syns you have used, how many syns you have left and dont worry hun. You have nothing to be guilty about - SW is ace like your sig says!x
Ahh don't beat yourself up about it. It sounds like you've had second helpings of the right foods. It's free food like you say and you're body will have no problem digesting it and I'm sure it won't affect your weight loss. I find that sometimes the more I eat the more I lose. You do sound like you're in control too as you're counting your syns and know what you've got left. So let go of the guilt and good luck at your weigh in. Lisa


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I dd the same thing today, all free food, didn't even eat my Hex b and I am stuffed and feel ready to burst :-S
Hi Josiecat, I have just filled in my food diary for today- I have been out of control big style!!! My WI was yesterday and I have used over half of my syns(49 left). You are in control,just continue logging everything you eat, fill up on freefoods,good luck !!.Now i'm off to put locks on the food cupboards!!!
You've answered your own dilema in your post - The food was all free and you haven't gone over your syns for the week. Stop worrying and enjoy the plan. Just remember to stop eating when you're comfortably full and you'll be fine!


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I feel like I've eaten loads today but near everything was free plus HE's and 10 syns so I know I have nothing to feel guilty about.

Had a fabulous fruit salad for supper topped with a syn free yoghurt and I was pleasantly sated, who needs crisps!
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hey hun dont beat yourself up we all have one of those days or even weeks but i bet u will be suprised at your weigh. u have not gone over your syns thats a good thing
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Don't worry about it Hun, you have sorted your own problem out.
Keep your chin up and stick within your syns for the rest of the week. X
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There is nothing wrong with going back for seconds if it's syn free! Trust the plan - its free food for a reason and it does work.

And don't worry about the syns, it's a rare week if I don't go over syns on one day, and so long as I stay on plan for the rest of the week it usually seems to be ok. You've counted them and you sound totally in control to me. The worst thing you can possibly do is beat yourself up over it, guilt leads to self hatred, which in turn leads to comfort eating & writing the whole week off (or it does for me, anyway!) Everyone's human, weekends are harder, draw a line under it & don't let it ruin your week.
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Did you still have a third super free though? I agree with the others yes its fine to fill up on free and go back for more if still hungry. If you think of what you might of done before Slimming World this would have been unhealthier choices that you were going back for seconds of.

However you need to still get your 1/3 free. So for example if you had the first time 2/3 pasta bake and 1/3 veg did the additional helpings follow the same as if not you might of end up not getting your 1/3 superfree.


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S: 11st6.5lb C: 11st6.5lb BMI: 26.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi thank you for all your kind words, advice and support.
I really did feel down and disappointed with myself but you have helped put things in perspective and I will not allow the one day to make me go over syns for the week.
Hi Geordielass-The pasta bake was made to contain at least 1/3 superfree, I greatly reduced the pasta and added loads of onions, peppers and mushrooms and the sauce was made from tinned tomatoes. So guess it wasn't all that bad afterall.

Well I'm back on track today and have 13 sins a day for Monday and Tuesday before I start afresh on Wednesday.
Thanks again :)

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