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feel like sw not working for me,gutted!!!


going to do it!!!!
:cry: :cry:ive been 100% all week and my weigh in is tomorrow night and i know i shouldnt have but i did weigh myself this am and i was a pound heavier than last week!!!!! whats going on i feel so upset, i had a halp pound gain last week and dont know how!!!!
i really like this way of eating and felt like id finally found a way of eating that was healthy for me and wasnt in any hurry at all to lose weight, slow and steady was my motto, but not putting weight on!!!! i can honestly say i have been 100% and have written everything down that has past my lips so how have i put on????
sorry for the big moan but im truly upset by it.
has this happened to anyone else??
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Ok, first things first you DONT know if youve put on. So Stop worrying until you are at class. Only those scales will give you the answer, only those.

This site recently has been filled with people weighing at home and being all confused and upset with the scales. Check out the THROW THE SCALES away threads, :D

Dont panic yet poppit, keep on going xxx


I will do this!!!
Never NEVER weight yourself at home. Have you official WI as your only one else this happens!!! dont worry it'll be fine!
If you've followed the plan 100% then don't worry. Even if you have gained, lots of factors can be the cause of it - period week for example, bloating because your body is still getting used to the different foods etc. Stick with it girl because you will see the results and your first two weeks have proved that. Oh, and never ever weigh yourself at home again cos you can bet your bottom dollar your scales and the SW ones will differ in their accuracy.

Take care and let us know how you get on tomorrow hun

Caz xxx

ETA: our start weights and height are more or less the same and I found that after the first two weeks where I lost 5lb and 7lb, I then put 2lbs on in the third week and a 1lb on the fourth. I've since gone on to lose 1 1/2 stones and I'm in my tenth week, so don't lose faith because it will start coming off :)
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is it lady week soon? that can make u gain, are u drinking enough water. u had some great losses, keep it up. hugs, we are all here for you
I used to be a daily weigher, but no more.

Three weeks ago I weighed myself in the morning & convinced at WI I would have a loss. But it wasn't to be.

The following week, again I weighed myself but weighed more than the previous week :eek: but at WI I'd STS.

I decided there & then not to weigh myself at home again.

It's been hard, but I've only looked once & it does give you a sense of calm about it. Somehow the 'not knowing' helps keep me on track.

You really don't know what tomorrow will bring, try not to weigh yourself again, it won't be easy but just give it a go:D


going to do it!!!!
thanks everyone for your replies, i know i shouldnt have weighed myself ast home but too late now. im doing red and green but still have lots of superfree food with each meal and do count syns.i havnt got a food diary on here but am going start one tomorrow definately. on agood point though,if ive ever done this in the past and found i had put on i would have been in the biscuit barrel quick as i could physically manage and then ate for england and that would be the end of my diet!!! but dont feel like this at all with sw even though im really upset, im sticking with it .
off to majorca on sunday for a week AI and am even going make wise choices whilst away, what an angel eh lol:)
going keep on plodding cos surely i cant be the only person for whom sw is not sucessful. sorry again for the moan.
off to majorca on sunday for a week AI
Same here, we're staying in Santa Ponsa but self catering.

There is no way I'll be able to diet on holiday so I've said to myself that if I put on a stone then fair enough cos at least I'll still be less than when I started and if I put on less it will be a bonus, that way I won't be too disheartened when I step on the scales back home.

Don't worry about the moan cos we've all been there and it will start working for you and already has for your first two weeks. Let us know how you get on at weigh in and enjoy your holiday :D


going to do it!!!!
well folks, i put on half pound!!! consultant went through my food diary and couldnt find any thing id been doing wrong so just going keep on sticking with plan and hoping for the best.
have decided to do ee whilst on holiday with a few treats, if i fancy them!! hope i start losing properly soon thouh as its really disheartening when you stick with it and the scales go in the wrong direction!!!
On a positive note though my son lost another 0.5lb so hes now lost 4 altogether and is thrilled( he only got about 10lb to lose ) he is so interested in the healthy eating of sw its lovely to see, he still has treats ec but he now thinks about what he has and is loving the self control hes developed!!


going to do it!!!!
hi dd, im probs going to be the most active ive been for ages, got 3yr old twins who dont sit still for even a minute so will be running round after them!!! I am going enjoy hols been looking forward to it for ages and am hoping the exercise/swimming/sweating ha ha will help me lose on my return to group;) staying positive thanks to you guys and my fab leader.going look at weight loss over a monthly period rather than weekly so ive still lost 5lb which averages 1lb + a week, which is what i wanted to lose:D
That's the spirit honey, am really glad you're feeling better about things. I look at my weight losses/gains monthly rather than weekly too, and find it helps my motivation. Have a lovely holiday - enjoy everything you eat and drink and I bet those twins will keep you fit! XXX