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Feel really yuk!

I am on day 5 today and have had so much energy, didnt feel hungry, but today i woke up at 5 am couldnt sleep, and feel nauseous and really hungry. Had first shake at 8.30 as normal, bar at 11 as really hungry, been drinking lots of water, had 2 decaf coffees what else can I do.

Do you think Im not even in ketosis yet? :cry:
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When I feel icky I just drink plenty of water and that sorts me out.

Like you when I'm starving I eat a bar but also have found a 'new' thing [new for me :)]

I make a strong cup of coffee and add half choc tetra and then repeat.
I think it works cos coffee is hot so I can't wolf it plus my greedy eyes think I'm having double the ammount of 'food' :)

hope your feeling better.

P.S. Day 5 - would agree with Becky you prob are in ketosis but get the stix and check tomorrow morning if you wanna be sure


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I am day 5 and didn't expect to be so hungry so much so my tummy was growling...................just sunk my 5th pint to keep off the hunger pains.
Seem to have more energy this morning though, might be the thought of nearly the weekend!!
Do you think its normal to have loads of energy, not feel hungry, then be starving the next day. Shouldn't I feel crap first, then have loads of energy?

Drinking more water, taken headache pill and telling myself its all in my head, although my tummy is telling me otherwise.:break_diet:
Carolyn has the extra water helped? Im in the same boat so might give that a try, except Im so knackered I cant move!
I feel so rough! I met a friend today and couldnt hold a conversation! I really hope this gets better. They say the first week is the hardest! Gonna go and drink a peppermint tea.

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