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Feel so disappointed

I`m feeling so blooming low now :cry:

I`ve been working my butt off this week to get down to my "first" target of 9st 10lbs .... I`ve been so so so sooooo good.... It`s my birthday on sunday and i soooooooooo wanted to be down to that "target" before my birthday .... i suppose so i could have a bit of a "happy" blow out in some ways ... but other ways i just wanted to be at my first "happy" weight "officially" before my birthday ...

But nooooooooo ... this stupid damn snow has to screw it up .... Class has been cancelled ... and all this slippery snow is leaving me hanging precariously off the back of the wagon :cry: :cry:

My birthday treat is that i go visit my amazing Daddy (sunday) ... who cooks me beef, slow cooked for hours in its own fat ... with roasties ... Real proper ones .... and homemade yorkshire puds ... and cheesy mash potato and mini pigs in blankets ... and veg .... and i always get the most goooooorgeous chocolate roulade for pudding ..... mmmmm roulade .... I thought i`d be at target and could have a splurge .... now i`ll not be and still be trying to be good for next weds weigh in so i don`t put on or sts when i`m only 1.5lbs off my interim target .... :(

Feel so blooming sad now .... Last year my birthday (the big 30) got cancelled as my sister was rushed into hospital with a burst appendix, so my the whole birthday thing was a no go ..... This year it`s getting ruined by the weather .... I wish i was born in summer :cry:
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Right, firstly why are you letting a measely 1.5lb ruin your birthday. You need to look back and see the bigger picture on this one. You have done sooooo well so far and have lost an amazing 15.5lb. Why should another 1.5lb take away the result and benefits of what you have lost so far. I bet you feel and look great and you need to remember that. What better birthday present can you get.

(The above was said in a loving but firm way ;))

There is nothing I can say that can cheer you up about not seeing your Dad on your birthday and not eating a lovely dinner, as that really is the pits. I really hope the weather clears up and you get to see him. Can I come as the food sounds bloody gorgeous :D

Where ever you are, what ever you do and what ever the weight, have a great birthday and no matter what, stay on that bloody wagon, have a good week and get to that target next week.



Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Your birthday comes once a year, your 1.5lb will go on and off on and off when you enjoy yourself and then go back to plan. Unfortunately life gets in the way doesnt it? But enjoy yourself for 1 day at least! It is your day!! then go back to it.
Why not do your own weigh in anyway? Okay, scales can vary, but try and go somewhere at a similar time as you would weigh in at class, and use some decent scales (ie in a chemist or gym)

You never know you might get your target "happy weight" - you could even make yourself your own sticker - you wouldnt get a proper SW one for that!
Hey you should enjoy your birthday and you never know you might lose more weight, in the past when i have gone to my parents and eaten loads of fattening food i have always lost weight xx
Thanks guys ..... still feeling down ... but have been good ..... doesn`t look like i`ll make it to dads .. knee high snow and then some !! I`m having to drag containers of water, 2 miles on a sledge to my horses field .... as well as pull a 6 yr old lil boy and hold the dog on the lead ... It is exhausting ... but hey, think of the calories i`m buring ... silver lining and all that ;)
Thanks guys ..... still feeling down ... but have been good ..... doesn`t look like i`ll make it to dads .. knee high snow and then some !! I`m having to drag containers of water, 2 miles on a sledge to my horses field .... as well as pull a 6 yr old lil boy and hold the dog on the lead ... It is exhausting ... but hey, think of the calories i`m buring ... silver lining and all that ;)
LOL i love your attitude...my kinda gal ;)

Really hope you enjoy your birthday xxx


Never gets tired of SW!
Aww Daisy, it's horrible when you feel down and there's nothing much other people can say to cheer you up!! We all know that feeling and this cold weather and the snow you're having can really get you down as everything is thrown off kilter and there's no 'normality' that we tend to depend on whilst following a weight loss plan!! This is the way to look at it!! 1)The snow won't be for long- things WILL regain normality and routine 2)You're getting lots of body magic with all that to-ing and fro-ing 3) You HAVE to look back and give yourself a big pat on the back for losing 15 1/2 lb in 2 months (an average of 2 lb per week!!! It's taken me 14 months to lose 60 lb- an average of 1 lb per week and I'm proud!) 4) See this period of a couple of weeks as insignificant in the grand scheme of things ie. a life-long commitment to weight management and healthy living! Stick at it- we can't be 100% on plan all of the time! You WILL have that lovely roast beef dinner at your Dad's soon and when you do enjoy every morsel of it and just count it in your syns or take a flexi-syn day! You WILL get to target and it really doesn't matter that much when it happens as long as it does!! Hope this uplifts you a bit XXXXXX
tie the dog to the sledge and let him do the hard work... :)

is there another class somewhere close this week that you can go to? you don't have to attend your own class every time you know..
If you're away or whatever you can find the local one and go there..


Just doing it this time
just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY - hope you go and enjoy it - don't let this weather ruin it for you - you are so so close - looking GREAT and you should be VERY VERY HAPPY - you'll be there for Christmas too - WHAT A FANTASTIC CHRISSIE PRESSIE.

Well done BTW.

Happy Birthday again too.
Hiya Daisy!

Aww me old mate. I feel like I've known you ages - and even your mate makes me laugh. Just seen your thread and read it three times to see what I missed and what was wrong.

As you said, pulling child, sledge, dog and water supplies is great. Body Magic in a week :) All you need to do is carry a horse on your back on the return journey and then you'lll really be cooking with gas.

Jeez girl, you are flying and being so, so hard on yourself. I understand the feeling of failure and not wanting to put on or get into any bad habits etc. but come on lady!!

I thought you'd put on a stone in the past week when i saw the title.

Now get back in the saddle, chin up and canter on into Slimsville.

We started this about the same time and you've lost every single week. I had a small gain 1 week and felt like a right spoilt brat for not getting my own way (i.e. a loss).

Have a great birthday

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Thankyou thankyou thankyou alllllll soooo much !!!!!

I have had the most blooming wonderful day. I managed to get to my Daddys and had the most amazing dinner ... and i`ve flexi syned about 100 syns and i don`t care as it was worth every single one for every single bite and i is a happy happy happy girl lolol :)

Thankyou all so much for making me lighten up a bit, you are wonderful ... 1 or 2 days here and there and 1 or 2 lbs here and there in the grand scheme of things is nothing .... I have to still enjoy life and not get so hung up on it all ..... :) x x x

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