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feel soo bad

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Aw thx BL i feel shakey and wobbly on the legs, shame i got kids today, im a childminder i was fine yesterday and had no kids...lol
Just typical that!
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Did anyone else feel emotional and want to cry..
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Hahahaha - YES. Did cry, have cried and still want to on occassion.

We can't turn to food for comfort or to relieve boredom or combat sadness - so it makes us face the demons instead of burying them.

You're lucky to have people who are supporting you (and doing it with you). I think that must help a lot. It's far more difficult to have someone who calls on his way home to ask you to cook dinner for him (GRRRRR!!!). :eek:

Fortunately I am stubborn, so when I feel like crying I do - then just get on with it. The whole point of this program is to lose the weight and feel better about myself....therefore not needing to turn to food. That's the theory anyway!! :D

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Yes i have been crying...lol.Ill be ok. At least i dont have to cook for anyone, glad my nan and daughter is not living here now..would of been sooo much harder!


Have a Little Patience x
Chin up honey - you will get through it. In a couple of days you'll be well into ketosis and you won't feel as rubbish. It's all a bit of a rollercoaster to start with because you're going through lots of different experiences - but you WILL do it cos we'll all be there pulling you through the wall like they did in Alice in Wonderland! xxx
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I didnt relealise id feel like this, you dont realise how much by not having carbs it effects u in this way. Even tho i have been reading everyones posts and blogs.But i wont give in! I dont want to be big girl no more!
Thx wytchy
Hang in there Lynn, I got through my first week wobbles by picturing the wall.

You're already so far up it, don't drop now or you'll have to start climbing from the bottom all over again. Very soon its going to be much easier going.
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I will do it! I will get through this!


Guess who's back...?
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Hi Lynn,

It does get easier! I found the first two weeks the toughest - the first because I just felt lousy... in the second I felt ok physically, but my mind started going into overdrive on the cravings front - then week 3, 4, and so far 5 have been plain sailing... and not it's just a matter of counting down the weeks (and the weight!) until goal. So exciting!!!

Make a list of all the reasons you are doing this - it really helps... I think there is a thread on the Cambridge Diet forum that is full of people's reasons and it is so inspiring to read through it saying yes, yes, YES!! They are my reasons too!! :D

Stick at it - good luck to your hubbie and you! x x
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Thx Anna, feel a bit lively atm, just had my banana shake and i feel full and happier now! Til the next outburst,lol, it is quite funny now thinking not long ago i was feeling terrible and upset, now im happy n laughing, its true it is a rollercoaster ride didnt think it would kick in this quick.
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Thats good to hear Karma,thank you.
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Hahaa, i have just done that, are you a mind reader wytchy..lol mtv dance here we gooooooooooo