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Feel the need to have a little moan...apologies!

I've been doing s.w for about 14 months now and have lost 7 stone 3lbs. I've had a bit of a struggle the last 2 weeks as have had a lot of stress with my son and been ill and things like that but have still only put a lb on (so far anyway ;))
What I'm finding hard is having to justify it to people....Im sure they mean well but people saying you need to get back on track and focus etc etc is doing my head in!
Its a long journey and Im entitled to live during it!
The main culprit is my m in law who started coming with me 16 weeks ago so is at a very different place in her journey and is different to me so she'e not going to understand where I am at! If I lose she almost seems surprised but then if I dont she thinks she needs to advise me!
She doesn't! I have been on this journey for so long and if I want advice I will come here or go to my consultant etc!
Sorry just had to get that off my chest!
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Honestly you dont need to apologise. We all need to have a little rant now and again. You m in law wont understand until she hits a patch where she struggles.

I know from last time i did SW if you dont lose for a couple of weeks it can get you down and can be a struggle to start losing again.
You are entitled to live as you say, and if you completely cut out the things you like you will end up binging, so having a couple of weeks where you eat what you want without going overboard is going to do no harm whatsoever. Keep your chin up. I'm sure you will start losing again soon.
Oh and tell your m in law to butt out! :D


Always comes back to MMs!
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No apologies needed here... no one else understands our journey but us, and you have shown that you have the strength to ride out the tough times and get back on plan... what a loss so far!

Know what you mean though, it seems its ok for everyone to have an opinion on my weight, I wouldnt dream of ever commenting on someone elses gains!
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Firstly -well done on a great loss :happy096:

For me it sounds like you are simply making SW PART of your life and not your entire life... which is where I think we all will hopefully either be or end up being. You have plenty going on and Im sure if your entire focus was on what you were and weren't eating then you would get comments about that too :rolleyes:.
You have done and are still doing great and not that you have to -but you have proven that you know what you are doing.
Don't let anyone get into your head, just keep on doing what you know is right for YOU...
good luck!!


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Hey dont worry about it most people go through your type of experiance. When i went to home town 3 people commented on my weight (not good comments) and one said your not already pregnant again! Talking about pregnant my dh previous manager saw me shopping and said to me you still havent had your baby and i pointed to the bottom of my pushchair and said she is a month old, lol he couldnt get away fast enough after that (sorry for the rant). I used to let it get to me but since joining sw i dont care what people say especially my parents who think sw is a waste of money because at the end of the day im losing weight for myself no one else xx


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that is a fantastic achievement. Well done to you. I personally feel that you need a break every now and then anyway to keep on track - have a blip occasional weeks and get back on track - it is, entirely up to you. Mother in laws can be a bit difficult anyway - don't cha think! I suppose she means well though.

Good luck with RL stuff - RL does get in the way in my household quite a lot too.

Best Wishes.
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Well done on what you've achieved so far, you should be really proud of yourself for that! I'm sure it's normal to gain some weeks, and 1lb isn't much is it?!
Some people can't help but put a downer on things...My Mum constantly likes to inform me that my partner will find somebody else if i don't lose my baby weight!
There ought to be a rule - don't listen to other people. They have no idea what they are on about. This, I have decided, is a general rule which applies in all circumstances.

I am thinking of having a tshirt printed with "go away, you don't know what you are talking about, and I'm not listening anyway!!!".
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I went through exactly the same thing as you, but with my mum. I had been going to my local WW meeting for 3 months and had lost 2 stone. My mum decided to join me and drove 30 mins every week. I'm not taking anything away from her ..... she done brilliantly and lost 3 1/2 stone and it made such a difference to her health.

But ...... she thought she knew everything and when I was going through a hard time with the diet she was not very understanding and basically told me that if I had been as good as I said I had, I would have lost weight, ie. I was lying!!!

I never went back after that night and really felt I had lost my group :( A couple of weeks later mum stopped going too, but I couldn't go back as I know mum would join too and I couldn't cope!!!
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Why couldn't you go back on your own? Without telling her?
One of the women that she worked with also went, so if I had gone back she would know and then come and join me again!!!!
S: 15st12.5lb C: 15st6lb G: 9st12.5lb BMI: 37.1 Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.92%)
I go on my own to SW and I haven't told anyone. I'll just wait for them to notice and then say I am doing it online.

I wouldn't go back to WW now that I have tried SW. It is sooooo much better in so many ways. No weighing, counting points, writing things down etc, etc.

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