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Feelin blue

Hiya peeps.


I don;t know whats wrong with me today. I am just feeling really blue. Its such a beautiful sunny day out and it does nothing for me.

I am already missing my man who is going to the states for 2 weeks next week. I am sad I can't go and see my mom, and sad that he will be away. I usually love my time alone, but now I get teary just hinkin about him bein away so long.

I just feel deflated.

I couldn;t sleep last night - I lay in bed tossing and turning.....the whole job thing is weighing heavily on my mind. I hate going to work each day knowing I am leaving as soon as I can. I feel like a fraud. ANd I missed so much time last week with grannys death and then my back going out - I just feel like they are going to get the complete wrong idea about me. I can't wait till its all over....I hate this position and will never wish for the luxory of choice again!!

I am still so confused about our 'friend' who helped our neighbour steal the fence when he left. I just feel really hurt by that.

All I have done today is drink coffee and smoke ciggies and I feel ill. I am just a bundle of nerves.

I am really homesick. I know its because of OH's pending trip. I just miss my best friends so much at times like this.

I feel antsy and nervous and anxious and so many things.

SOrry to dump this on the board on such a lovely sunny day. I just feel pooey.

I keep thinking of things I should be or could be doing, but I'm just sat here staring at the flippen tube.

My back still hurts, and compensating for it now has put my neck out. I am so tired of it. REally really tired of it. I know there are others far worse off then me, and then I feel bad for feeling bad.


I need a hug. :(


Thanks for letting me vent. Like I gave you a chance to stop me. lol BUt you know what I mean.

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Oh dear BL I am sending you mahusif cyber hugs hun. All these emotional demon times are sent to try us. I usually find that the a day or two after feeling like this when you think things cant make you feel any worse, you wake up one morning with the zing back in your step.
I also find a walk along the nearest stretch of water always brings me out of the duldrums.
BL you are allowed to feel down and lonely and blue sometimes, and you're such a pillar of strength and support on this forum, sometimes it's good to lean on others for support as well.

Hope you feel better soon hun, sending virtual (((((((hugs)))))))


Silver Member
:hug99: BL, Just want to repeat what the others have said.You are such a pillar of strength to others on this site.Its good to be able to ask for support back when you need it.This sounds like a very stressful time,but it will pass and you'll feel better x

you've got such a lot on at the moment with your nan, your friend, your fence, your jobs, your back,your OH going away, homesickness etc etc etc - its not surprising you are feeling a bit rubbish at the moment - i think most of us would be in your position.

just try and think of all the positive things you have achieved over the last few months, of the people you have helped both here on minimins and in the real world.

tomorrow the sun is going to shine again ( according to the weather man) - can you get on your bike and go down to the beach (-im so envious of you, i'm landlocked in the midlands) and let the beautiful sea air clear your head?
Everything may seem clearer away from being stuck inside

daisy x


Surgically happy.
*huggles BL tightly*

We all have days like this; but I bet you have a lot fewer of them. And Ibet yoiu're coping with them far better than you did in the past. I bet you haven't used food as a crutch, and I bet you will recover much faster from this than in the past.

I bet there are loads of positives to take from how you're dealing with this, which perhaps won't make you feel better right now, but they will, in (less) time.

*huge hugs*
Sorry to hear your are feeling rubbish BL! There is nothing worse than chronic pain at grinding you right down - don't apologise for this ever, I recall so well when I had a herniated disc during a pregnancy, and it was the most miserable and desperate time ever. With everything else piled on top, it's no wonder you are feeling so bad.

I can so sympathise about the job situation, as I hate letting people down and understand if you are feeling like this, but you have to put yourself first.

I hope you wake up tomorrow and feel a lot brighter.

You are very much loved by everyone on here and the number of hugs you'd get if we were physically able would be never ending! (((HUGS)))
Thank you so much everyone!

Today is a new day! THankfully!!

Man, I hope its better then yesterday!~ I hate the doldrums - I really reallllly do~!!! (Who doesn't!)

You are such a great bunch. You really made me feel warm and fuzzy with all your hugs! :giggle:

I am going to go out for a bit today, hopefully, to see an old friend from my old work. I havent seen him for months! SO that will be nice. And looks to be another nice sunyy day so I am goin to take some time out in the sun, maybe at the sea, as said, that always helps and it would have yesterday if I could have shifted my little :)giggle:) butt off the couch!

Oh !and once again, to my amazement, I did not reach for anything to eat to cope!! :D

Thank you all soooooooooo much for being such STARS!!!



Is back in the saddle!
Glad you're feeling a bit more posative today BL. Sorry I didn't get to hug you then but I'll send you one to start today instead!:hug99:

I wish I still had my bike. I'd ride along the coast and meet you half way for a coffee and a natter!!

Enjoy the times you can and especially today!
Sorry BL

So sorry you are having a difficult time.
Hope you get to see your friend today.
I'm at home if you want to come and chill
:winter_brr: in the garden where you can have coffee and ciggies to your heart's content.

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