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Feelin pretty rubbish

Hi All,
Am off on my hols tomorrow and am gutted at how fat I am - I think I am at my heaviest.
I've done LL before and loved it when I had lost all the weight (have put in back on and more). All I've been thinking about over the last couple of weeks is getting back on the programme (Whilst stuffing my face of course :()
So, I've contacted a couple of LLC's in the area and am all set to start on 1st Sept. I know it is sooo worth it - it feels a bit like last chance saloon though for me this time.
I daren't get on the scales but have had a guess and set some mini goals.
I'll be reading all your posts for some insipiration - you are all fabulous:)
I'll post when I'm back from hols and raring to go .... chocolate shakes all the way for me !

Hope to talk to you all soon when I'm on the programme - I will defo need the support to get through it

(.... any comments on the porridge?)

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Well done for wanting to get back on it. I have a lady in my group who is re-starting (I'm in developers) and she was so nervous about coming back. We had a great meeting (didn't do any activities) and when she got to know us and the fact that some of us had done LL before and come back she felt more at ease.

I hope you don't feel nervous. We are all human and at least you are doing something about it. Did you do RTM last time? I am only asking because everyone I seem to meet that is re-starting didn't do it and I think that is the most crucial aspect of LL.

I hope you have a good time on your hols but please don't do what I did and stuff your face. I had an extra 1.5 stone to loose by the end of the 10 weeks I had to wait to start LL!!

Good luck with your journey. You do seem to have your head in the right place so keep coming on here and we'll support you all the way x x
Best of luck to you on your new LL journey - you've done it before, so you know what to expect, just take each day at a time and you'll be back to the slim you again in no time :)
Thanks both for your replies ... got back from hols last night ( a few pounds heavier I'm sure :eek:) - had a fab time but want to make sure next year's hols are "skinny me"!

I've got about a weeks worth of foodpacks so am contemplating starting tomorrow before I see my LCC later this week.

This will be my 3rd time ..never did RTM... that must be the secret.

Talk soon
Hi there!

Good luck to you as you start your journey!!!

I believe RTM is THE most important part of the diet. I would never even consider doing this extreme a diet if I was not going to see it right through to the very end.....after investing all the money and effort, it seems extremely risky not to do it....that is where the real learning takes place, and where you find out how to implement the tools you used.

I do hope you do it this time, I feel certain that will make MOUNTAINS of difference for you!!!

Good luck, and use this site OFTEN - it will help get you through the trying times, if you have any. ;)

All the best! :)
Hi Yo Yo,
Once you've done LL and RTM this time you won't need that name any more.
Good luck.
Hi Yo Yo
I'm re-starting too, I didn't do RTM either, loads of people have told me that you have to finish it otherwise the chance of putting the weight back on.

Good luck
Mel :)
There's always the chance ofputting weight back on. Statistics are stacked against us keeping the weight off.
Doing RTM is no guarantee you'll stay slim, but it does help give the tools to give you the best chance of staying slim.
It's not easy. You can't afford to take your eye off the ball, but it is so worth the effort.
Remember all the reasons you decided to do LL in the first place.

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