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feelin sick

im doin ss and lately ive been a bit dodgy with the diet as ive skipped a shake or two recently because i havent had time to have one or ive totally forgotten because i wasnt hungry and i had one about an hour ago and its really makin me feel sick like i want to be sick but havent, i was at an 18th last night and was forced to eat some cake ¬¬ only a little bit tho, reckon its that what is causin it? ive been on the diet 4 weeks now and have lost 1stone3 *wooo* and i havent eaten anyhting wrong other than the cake like ive had broccoli and cauliflower coz i was realllly upset and thought better that than ice cream lol but i dunno any ideas how to make it go away?

thansk in advance x
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ok so ive just been sick...an feel slightly better but still not good =/
Have no idea, but didnt want to read and run, hope you get better soon x maybe try contacting your cdc?


Nearly a yummy Mummy
i must admit hun i have never heard of it making you sick. Do you have the tetra's or do you make ur own shakes? Do u dirnk enough water? As already suggested, i would definately speak to your cdc xxx Hope you feel better soon xx
just emailed her, now time to wait for a reply =/ and a feww trips to the loo inbetween =[
and i have jsut shakes like. an yeah am gettin me waterr in like =s thanks ><


Nearly a yummy Mummy
do u like the shakes you have or are you having to force then down? Might be worth trying the tetras hun xxxx Hope cddc doesnt take too long to come back to u xxxx
i do like em but right now i feel like i cant stomach em ha i cant stand any of the other flavours like, mums makin me some broccoli and cauliflower, she thinks it might make me feel better havin a solid in my stomach and i hope she does too ha, thank you for replyin xxx


Nearly a yummy Mummy
any time hun, let em know how you get on and what you cdc says x Good luck


Gone fishing
Split your shakes making up half at a time. Add extra water. A glass of water before you have it, and if possible a glass after.

Sometimes the concentration of vits and minerals are too much though this usually happens at the beginning of the diet...but maybe if you've missed a couple of shakes, it could be a problem for you now.

The tetras could be perfect for you as they are smaller, but you do need extra water on the days you have them.

It's really important not to miss the shakes/tetras. The ketosis can switch off the signals that can tell us what we must eat. You really need to treat them as medication if you're not hungry. Again, tetras work well for this as they are quick to get down and only take a few seconds to drink (well...a few seconds when I was on the plan :D)

If you feel like you really need something solid, then SS+ is a good option. You still need your full quota of shakes though, so perhaps try splitting the shakes or tetras first.
do you think you've caught a bug? would account for the throwing! hope you are feeling better now.


please try again
i was ike this a week and a half ago. i drank a couple shakes that smelt a bit funny but tasted fine. spent the next day being sick and felt very sick for days after

i did what i do for my child when shes ill ( she has a special mik based feed )

i made my shakes up, only half the powder but i used 400ml of water so they were very dilute. i got 2 shakes in this way the first day i tried, second day i got all three in this way. i then started to reduce the extra water in the shakes until i had my shakes back the way i like them.
ive also had to add in extra water so im drinking 5 - 6 litres a day as with the warm weather weve been having i was getting dizzy and nauseous on less
thanks guys :) i had some chicken and some veg like my CDC said and i felt soooooo much better :) not sure if it was a bug or not but yanno s'all good now :) thank again for ur help and concern ;) xxx

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