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Feeling a bit disappointed pointers needed.

I am coming upto my 3 rd WI (on Wednesday) I have followed EE for the whole of that time . First week I lost 3.5 lbs which was great . However on the second week I lost 0.5lbs which I was quite disappointed at as I stuck to the plan 100 %. I had one glass of wine which was synned and I seem to remember from year ago I struggle to lose weight when I drink even syned wine. I had a sneaky WI this morning on my own scales and I don't think I have lost anything yet :confused: I have been having 10 syns per day by the way .

Do you think I should try red or green for a change ?
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Actually I should of said I have a newborn baby ( 5 weeks old) and I did lose quite a bit of weight in the few weeks before I joined SW so maybe that's why the 2nd weeks loss wasn't much .

Maybe I should of asked would having a red week boost things ? Do people loose more on Red than Green ?
Hiya first off well done for losing 4lbs. You dont have a lot of weight to lose so thats why it might come off a bit slower than someone with a lot to lose. How about trying some superspeed foods if you havent already. I had a week of melon and it did the trick for me. Also are you drinking plenty of water because i wasnt and now that i'm drinking more i'm having a nice steady weighloss xx
Sorry to hear you're having a tough time. I would advise starting a food diary in the diary section. That way its easy for you to keep a track on it, and the experienced sw-ers can offer some advice in case you are going wrong anywhere. Don't forget it sometimes takes our bodies a few weeks to get into the swing of things. Have you thought about doing some extra excercise to boost weight loss? And drinking lots of water helps too :) Also - do a search for 'my fishy week' that gave lots of people a big boost in weight loss.

Good luck hun, and don't forget - the plan works so don't give up!!! xxxxx
Safia thanks for the reply . I do eat the SS food at every meal . I can only think of one meal where I didn't ( a bacon sarnie )
I am probably guilty of not drinking enough water actually . I am a coffee addict and tend to use syns for extra milk so I can have more coffee :p That's one thing I will definitely try thanks.
ClaireX thankyou so much . Well I have a newborn and I have been told not to do any excerise until I've seen a GP at my 6 Week check as I have an operation after I delivered . I only have a week to go though !! I am dying to do some excersise and I have a cross trainer at home I will be using as much as possible once I've been given the all clear .ishy

I will investigate the fishy week !!

I just read you have a newborn baby - your body is all full of hormones and going through so many changes! Dont worry about your weight all dropping off just yet - aslong as you are eating healthily and following plan, it will come off in the end. But try not to focus on that right now. Enjoy being a mum to a gorgeous little one!! xxxxxx
congrats on the newborn :)

and i know it was only 1/2lb but at least it was a loss :) so well done.

for me i find eating bread tends to slow my weight loss. so i try my hardest not to eat bread!

Are you eating until your full ? or are you full and continuing to eat ( something im guilty of doing lol )

things will balance out ... in an ideal world everyone would love to have big losses every weigh in ... but slow and steady is how it stays off :)

keep doing what your doing and maybe even tweak your plan a little less carbs more speed / super speed foods :)

enjoy being a mum to your little 1 :)

Having a baby can really make weightloss go up and down. With my first baby it went down but only because i was really ill but with my second baby i put it on rapidly no matter how healthy i ate. I took my body a couple of months to settle down so dont worry it will happen but try to drink more water xx


I want to be fitter again
If like me you are going to lose slowly then add up your losses for a month at a time rather than week in week out. 4 pounds in a month is a sustainable loss. You don't say whether you are breast feeding or not but either way due to milk production / ovulation returning, you may not see a true picture for several weeks. Persevere, eat healthily and measure your body as that may be changing quicker than the scales at this stage. Congrats on your baby xx
Wee Doll you might have something there about the bread ! . Bread is my weakness and last week I had bread as my HEX most days . Hmm might cut back on that then . I will try and up my speed/ superspeed foods thankyou ! xx

Safia , thankyou you are probably right I am just quite imaptient lol ! I will defo up the water with sugar free Robinsons added :D xx

Brighton Rose I was breast feeding but now I'm not ( due to a hungry baby and not much milk ) I do feel like my period could return any day actually so this might all be working against me lol ! I will stick in though and your tip about looking at 4 weeks in total is brilliant . I guess as long as its going down overall it's a good thing . xxx

Thanks guys you've all helped !!

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