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Feeling a bit down....


wannabe yummy-mummy:P
Hi all i thought id done very good losing 1st 11lbs in 11 weeks but after reading some posts on here i feel like ive been letting myself down,:(

Others on here and in my group have achieved that loss and better in a shorter amount of time and im really struggling now to get my 2st award,just losing the odd half a pound here and there but thankfully never put any weight on since joning sw in november which is a good thing i suppose:)...

Ive spoken to my sw consultant and she said ive done great and im best losing weight slowely like this coz if i lose it too fast i will get terrible skin droop and stand more chance of re-gaining the lost weight once i reach my target of which im only 11lbs away from achieving..sorry for boring you all with this but i really need to talk:)xx
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Moose no more!
i think thats a brillaint loss in 11 weeks!!! i would be really happy if in 11 weeks im at the same stage!! keep it up it sounds like you are doing great!! :) x


Never gets tired of SW!
OMG now YOU'RE making ME feel like a slow coach failure!!!! Compare your loss to my 1st 7.5lb in 14 weeks and you'll feel like speedy gonzales!!!! In all seriousness, your consultant AND the above commenters are so right in saying that your progress is exceptional!! It's soooo destructive to compare yourself to others! You'll do this in your own time and you must see it as a positive thing- the worst thing in the whole world you can do is put ridiculous pressure on yourself!! Just think, you're over 1/3 of the way there in less than 3 months- that's incredible!! Everyone progresses at different speeds because we're all different people with different metabolisms and lifestyles! It's impossible to compare yourself with others, and if you must, why not try turning things around and looking at the people who've made far slower progress than yourself, of which there are many (but don't gloat about it- especially when you look at mine!! LOL!) Remember that this IS a long-term change of lifestyle and nobody's racing!! I was disapppointed that I only lost 1/2lb on Monday, but I've pulled myself together and thought, 'what's the hurry?- better than putting it on which I would be if I wasn't doing SW!!' The most important thing of all is to enjoy the journey, the food you're eating and the exercise you're doing and enjoy the gradual positive changes that you notice along the way regarding your body and life!!X


wannabe yummy-mummy:P
ok i know heather i shouldnt be like i am but hey thats just me:(...the only thing im majorly pleased about is the fact i can now fit into a size 14 and 3 months ago i was a size 18-20 and feel alot more confident and was even whistled at for the first time in my LIFE the other day which made me feel embarrased but happy too lol..c.ant wait to wear shorts and vests and dresses this summer instead of covering myself up in polo neck jumpers and jeans:)xx


Never gets tired of SW!
I know, I'm feeling exactly the same excitement about getting to target and impatient to get there and feel all those wonderful feelings and wear all those wonderful clothes, especially as you say in the summer instead of covering myself up through shame and self-consciousness!! But I have to keep pulling myself together and tell myself that this will take time! I'm more than happy with my 21.5lb in 14 weeks, but that's not to say I'm not excited about getting to 28lb! If I lose another 21.5lb in the next 14 weeks, that'll be 3 stone and the first 14 weeks has flown by so that'll be here in no time too!! I try not to be negative and impatient about it but instead try and be positive and excited! It makes it much more fun!X Congrats on the wolfwhistle by the way! LOL!XXX


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you have done brilliantly. The main thing is that your ARE losing weight and your consultant is right. It is far healthier for it to come off at a steady pace than for it to come off too quickly.

Keep it up, you should be proud of yourself.


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Hey hon, if you are following the plan correctly then how are you letting yourself down? You shouldn't compare yourself to other people hon, its pointless. All that matters is that you do your best.


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You're doing fantastically well!! If I get to 11 wks and have lost that I will be well chuffed. You MUST remember, everyone is different... everybody loses at different speeds. Keep going... xx


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don't compare yourself to others. SW and weight loss in general is not a race. We have chosen the SW lifestyle because it's healthy and because it promotes weight loss in those people who feel they need to lose weight. We haven't chosen it because it's instant solutions to the weight issues that we have experienced/are experiencing!

If you feel bad that you have lost less than other people who have different metabolisms and different motivations to yourself then you are viewing it as a race, and maybe need to revisit why you started SW and weight loss in the first place. I guarantee you that your motivation was not originally to 'lose more than so and so' or 'lose the most weight in the shortest time at group'. Mindsets like that are dangerous, and you'll feel much better in the long run for losing that little bit slower than others when they have weeks and weeks of sts or gains!!!!


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Blimey, I would hardly call that a slow loss!! It's about 2 - 2.5lbs a week. How can that ever be slow!! An now you're a size 14? Less than national average. Fanbloodytastic!!! Go you!!


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1st 11lbs is an incredible loss! Bear in mind you wernt actually that big to begin with! 1st 11 is more than I lost in a year at another healthy eating group thing that begins with w :p !! *huge thumbs up!*


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That's amazing loss . It's taken me 18 weeks and I still haven't got my stone sticker. And it took me a year and half before to lose my other 2 stone......I wish I had those losses, as mine are crazy slow.

Be happy at how far you have come....:D


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Omg thats a fab loss, you are defo lucky, you not read my post where ive been on plan for 5 weeks and only 2.5lbs loss so count yourself lucky xxx


wannabe yummy-mummy:P
Hi and thank you all for your lovely messages,maybe i am being a bit hard on myself as everyone keeps saying...its just that im so close to my target(11bs away)that i can see it and wanna'run'towards it if that makes sense..if i get my 2st weight loss award this wednesday at class i will only be around 6lb away from target...its getting very exciting for me now:)xx


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i think you have done really well - no need to be unhappy with loss like that, its amazing - esp at Xmas has been in the middle of that!

I think everyone is different - ive lost 1 stone 8lbs but its taken since the start of November, so about 14 weeks.....

dont beat yourself up for a very successful start.

good luck and keep going xxx

Becca Wecca

skinny minny here I come!
That's a brilliant loss, you should be proud of yourself. i'd be dead chuffed if i lost that in 11 weeks. i'm sure you'll reach your target soon enough. keep up the good work x


I want to be fitter again
this will make you feel better., I have lost only one and half stones since last May !!!!!!!